The Dearborn Station is NOT off-kilter; Rahm is

The Dearborn Station is NOT off-kilter; Rahm is

Above is a lovely new print that you can buy.  It’s the Dearborn Station in the South Loop and it was done by an artist as part of an iconic collection he’s creating all about Chicago neighborhoods, parks, etc.

The reason I want you readers to look at it is the symmetry. You see it? See how the station’s tower is smack in the middle of Dearborn Street looking south?  According to the leader of a pub crawl in the South Loop I recently attended, courtesy of Landmarks Illinois, the building’s tower  was deliberately built that way:  to take advantage of that breathtaking vista down Dearborn Street.

The vista–gorgeous, balanced and oh-so-lovely–has been totally marred, if not obliterated under the leadership of Tiny Dancer.  It’s so ruined it makes my skin crawl.

See this?

dearborn st. 1

That’s the vista down Dearborn now.  On the right, Rahmcycle added a two-way bike lane.  He placed the former parking lane there just to the east of the bike lane.  Those are parked cars you see there–with a turning lane in front of them.  Then you have your traffic lanes.  Then another parking lane, this one hugging the curb as it’s supposed to be.

So what’s happened is the cars parking on the west side of Dearborn are now shoved into the street, thereby killing the street’s symmetry and thus, killing the gorgeousness of the landmark view.  Couldn’t the bike lanes north and south been one on each side, at least?

And what’s it all for?  For a handful of bikes a day, going two ways alongside one another on a one-way stree going northt?  Yes, there are small separate traffic signals for the bikes.  But think about the cars that want to turn left at Congress, let’s say, and the bikes who want to go straight north on Dearborn. And both sets of drivers having to watch two sets of signals.  It’s a serious accident waiting to happen.

Rahm cares more about the bike lanes in this city than he does about our history, our heritage, our architectural beauty, our safety and our comfort. Not to mention our budget.

So here’s my why and wherefore.  Bicylclists have one-track minds (their minds are on bikes) and money to use as disposable income for political contributions.  And they are probably dependable and organized voters. That’s the ticket to Rahm’s cold heart.  Who cares about pedestrians?  Not to mention beautiful vistas.

Maybe that’s why riders all over our sidewalks–on divvys, on racers, on junkers, etc., who barely look at the pedestrians–NEVER get tickets under the city ordinance prohibiting riding on the sidewalks.  Maybe that’s why we pedestrians and long distance power walkers are treated like chopped liver.

If every one of those riders was given a ticket, we would no longer have a budget deficit in this city.  Go on, Rahm, if you can’t maintain the balance on a short stretch of Dearborn Street due to political expediency, maybe I’ve figured out a way for you to at least balance our budget.


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