The Sacramento Bee is now carrying news of our South Loop?

The Sacramento Bee is now carrying news of our South Loop?
The building, the park on top and the soccer field on its side

Imagine my surprise this morning when one of my South Loop (as in South Loop, Chicago) “Google Alerts” turned out to be from the Sacramento Bee.  As in Sacramento, California.

The paper is actually carrying factual news about the building of a new branch of the British School in our neighborhood.  The article is rich in detail.  Like when it’s supposed to open:  September, 2015.  And when they’re supposed to have the groundbreaking:  February, 2014.  As vigilant as I try to be regarding South Loop news, these facts were all news to me.

As you readers may recall, the building of a new branch of the British School in the South Loop has been a bit controversial.  And it seemed to me that the details of building it were still up in the air, and to be worked out in some fashion with the neighborhood.  But according to the Sacramento Bee, it’s all going forward.  They don’t mention any controversy at all.

It’s not that the South Loop residents don’t welcome the addition of a high-quality school to the neighborhood, albeit a private one.  The problem is that the school is planned for land in the South Loop that was supposed to be designated a neighborhood park.  The school, in consideration of that fact, is building a park on its roof.  And a soccer field on its side.  But that’s not exactly a Chicago Park District creation for the ‘hood.

Many neighbors have complained.  And complained.  And then complained some more.  Meetings were had.  Arguments ensued.  Nastiness also ensued.  But according to the Sacramento Bee, it’s all happening just the way the British School developers have said it would.  No neighborhood park will be at ground level.  In spite of promises past by the powers that be.

So, in solid journalistic objective fashion, the Sacramento Bee gets the facts.  But they skipped the controversy.  Of course, in Sacramento, who cares if South Loopers don’t get their park?  Although, I must ask why anyone in Sacramento would care about anything in the South Loop–including the building of a new school there.

From here on in, what advice can I give my South Loop neighbors–whether aye or nay in relation to the building of the school?  Read the Sacramento Bee to find out what’s going on.

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