No haunted graveyards for me this Halloween--except the haunted ones in the book "Graveyards of Chicago"

No haunted graveyards for me this Halloween--except the haunted ones in the book "Graveyards of Chicago"

I love haunted tours in Chicago and for years, I went on quite a few.  Especially ones sponsored by Chicago Hauntings–which offers many kinds of haunted excursions.

My South Loop friend Marilyn and my daughter Molly and I were paying customers on many haunted trips with many haunted companies through the years.  Trips dealing with Chicago hauntings in general–like the Indian burial grounds over which the Jane Addams house now stands on Halsted near Polk; and the alley in back of the historic Iroquois Theater where hundreds perished in a fire in 1903.

We also went on many specialized ones dealing with H.H. Holmes and Resurrection Mary and we went on ones that explored various haunted saloons.  We even took a trip on the Seadog that took us past haunted spots along the Chicago river downtown.

Tomorrow there will be no haunted tours for me.   I’ll be home giving out candy to the throngs of kids who love to go down the 1200 block of South State Street–many more than once.  I always buy hundreds of very small candies so I have enough without breaking my back–or my pocketbook.

But I may settle down with the second edition (already read the first a while back) of Graveyards of Chicago, which publisher Lake Claremont Press sent me a PDF of recently.  My friend Frances Archer posted a nice piece about the book a few days ago in her blog, which you can read here.

I remember a few Halloweens ago when Marilyn, Molly and I visited a really, really old cemetery somewhere in the south suburbs with Ursula Bielski–who co-wrote the book and who also runs Chicago Hauntings.  (She’s a modern woman who has reasonable explanations for the existance of ghosts.)  The Cemetery was very, very ethnic…very scary…very dark.

Someone snapped a picture of a small mausoleum on the grounds and–I’m not kidding–an apparition appeared in the picture on her digital camera.  We were all very impressed.  Excitement was the emotion that superseded fear, of which there was very little.  In fact, I’ve had more screamin’ meamies in my head during so-called historic, educational and architectural tours–very much sans ghost stories–to cemeteries such as Graceland, Rosehill, Oak Woods, Bohemian National, Waldheim and Lake Forest.

I’ve even had more spooky feelings at funerals.  Or when I see a rat.



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