Roosevelt Collection finally gets some retail

Roosevelt Collection finally gets some retail
Just opened Z Gallerie

I’ve always loved the Roosevelt Collection, that condo (now rental)/movie theater/plaza-like courtyard complex just west of Clark on the Roosevelt Road bridge.  I loved it since the day it opened.

I loved the way you could look north beyond the complex and see a collection of breathtaking downtown buildings in the distance.  I loved the 16-screen movie theater at the rear of the courtyard that was user friendly–and which sported a cocktail lounge, complete with flatbread pizza and a great view of the aforementioned buildings, as well.  I loved the ersatz Miami feel it tried to blast out to passersby.

The original developers a while back promised that the complex would also have a great big park on the premises.  And that it would have some retail.  Then they went broke.  The economy, remember?  A big shopping center rescue company swooped down and bought it for a song and promised to redo, reconfigure, breathe some life into the place–and make some leases for some retail.  For which there is plenty of space.  And which was beginning to look plenty seedy, empty as it was for years.

The park, they decided, would be built on the rooftop of the British School–which they said would be built on the originally planned park land–riling up the neighbors.  But I even liked that idea–getting a new private school in the neighborhood and the park, too!

There were many news reports over many months that retail was coming to liven up the plaza.  And guess what?  Four stores (forerunners, they say) had grand openings last Thursday evening:  H & M; Z Gallerie; White House Black Market; and Ulta–which was giving away huge cans of free hairspray.

Red Moon Theater members provided inexplicable entertainment for the early evening soiree.  Three members walked around with huge swans on their heads.  Two members donned science fiction type costumes, became human bubble making machines and walked around four food trucks lined up in the driveway–which were selling things such as grilled cheese.  And one member sat in a makeshift chandelier, got hoisted by crane over the plaza entry to the level of a huge gramophone that was also hoisted up.  Big shots from the Roosevelt Collection had their picture taken in front of the crain.

I bought four packs of socks at H & M (one was free).  Didn’t need any furniture or accessories from Z Gallery or any high-end ladies’ ready-to-wear from White House Black Market.  But I was glad to get the free hairspray from Ulta–because I’d just had my hair colored, trimmed and blown dry that afternoon.



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