Kanye West: Another Chump For Trump

2:19pm, Wednesday, April 25th. Twitter is in disarray. Confusion and calamity is abundant in the fan base of Kanye West. But what’s new in the life of Kanye? Nowadays, I could personally care less, the music icon lost my interest a very long time ago both for his egotistical atmosphere and for his political views. But soon, a majority of his fan base will be considered no more after yesterday’s Twitter debacle.

Kanye West is a man with a very skewed sense of the world and what goes on in it. At times it reaps pure hilarity, as other times it can make you feel a little unsettled as you start to believe the man is actually on delusional levels of grandeur.

One of his “greatest” quotes is, “My greatest pain in life is that I’ll never be able to see myself perform live.” I think that speaks volumes just as it is, it clearly states his greatest pain in life has to do with his self centered way of being. We all know his Yeezus album was very dark and extreme, and he believes himself to be a god not only in the rap industry, but also in real life. I could write pages upon pages for you all about his antics, but I can provide a video from the YouTube channel Wisecrack for your viewing pleasure instead that sums up Kanye pretty well: The Philosophy of Kanye West.

Now the rap stars self absorbed and outrageous behaviors have risen agitation and anger around his recent Twitter activity. Check out this post and see for yourself.

Not only did he post himself wearing one of those atrocious “Make American Great Again” hats, he also posted to twitter bashing Obama, claiming that in his 8 years of office, Obama did nothing to positively change what has been going on in Chicago. Has Trump? No, but I don’t Kanye is really focusing on that fact just yet. Proudly wearing this hat has set off what was already bursting at the seams. With all of his delusions as well as his innate ability to preach about something that he is no longer a strong member of (normal society and community), we all knew something wild and crazy was coming, and here it finally is.

Kanye’s blunders and lapses in reality are apparent in many of his interviews, tweets, you name it. From an earlier tweet Wednesday, Kanye declared that Trump is not only his brother, but that they both have dragon energy. Whatever that means, I don’t particularly think it is a good thing for either of them or any of us.

This is coming from a man that lives in his own world, that probably could not live or survive in real society, working a real job, and living amongst the common folk. He makes it abundantly clear time and time again that he is untouchable, so wouldn’t that mean that none of this effects him? With his money, power, fame, and celebrity wife, do you really think he understands the struggle of everyday life anymore? He says he is a preacher of the people, someone who wants to help the world think in a different way.

He claims he leads with love. That’s what Kanye wants to do, that is one of his biggest self proclaimed missions. But why Trump? A hateful man of all people to affiliate with? One that discriminates against the poor, the lgbt community, and anyone who is not white nor a man? I’ll tell you right now, the people that he is aligning himself with have no love to give and have none to feel besides for themselves and their wallets. Kanye West, you’re more of a false prophet fueled by the need for fame and fortune rather than a loving and accepting god/man. Your tomfoolery is shameful, and your fans have met your foolishness with hurt and anger. I hope all the hype is worth it, to put the limelight on yourself right before your next album drop. That’s what it is, isn’t it? If that isn’t true greed and betrayal, then I don’t know what is.

There’s already a list of people who have unfollowed Kanye West because of his new found love for Trump. So far, the list of dissapointment consists of the following people/celebrities:

Ariana Grande

The Weekend

Zany Malik

Harry Styles


Katy Perry

Justin Bieber

Lana Del Ray

Jaden Smith

Kendrick Lamar

Janelle Monae


Nicki Minaj

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