Kanye West: Another Chump For Trump

2:19pm, Wednesday, April 25th. Twitter is in disarray. Confusion and calamity is abundant in the fan base of Kanye West. But what’s new in the life of Kanye? Nowadays, I could personally care less, the music icon lost my interest a very long time ago both for his egotistical atmosphere and for his political views.... Read more »

Record Store Day 2018

The nifty box it came it
It’s 41 degrees in Chicago right now as I begin writing this to be posted later tonight. I’m sitting cocooned in jackets and blankets next to my significant other for much needed warmth, waiting patiently on the sidewalk of North Broadway. Why, you may ask? Well, I’m sqautting about 9th in line outside of Reckless... Read more »

Let's Mx. things up a bit

The Oxford English Dictionary is updated four times a year, this September being it’s third quarter of the 2015 year for new material to be added to it’s ranks. Hundreds of entries are reviewed each quarter, but only a selected few make it to the big leagues. Those that are deemed worthy can include revised... Read more »

So when are we getting to the good stuff?

Many tv shows, internet fads, fashion, and even memes go as quickly as they came. Constantly I am surrounded by friends, coworkers, and fellow consumers discussing, quoting, and living these little short lived moments and I have to say, it bores me to utter death. I remember getting excited about different things and having them... Read more »

Chipotle is the blame for my hiatus

No, it’s not because the food is just so good that I’d rather spend all my time obsessing over it (as well as gaining weight). I’ve been doing this whole grown up thing called getting a second job, and where else than the glorious Chipotle Mexican Grill. I have been a fan of Chipotle for... Read more »

Let's talk pink nail polish

Today I’m sporting something new, but it’s not for my benefit. Last night I painted my nails with much gusto (and frustration, it was really hard I promise). To some of you, that comes as quite a surprise, because you know that I’m not the feminine or girly type of person. What sprung this decision... Read more »

Typical 90's childhood nostalgia

The decade that began with a recession, and that ended with the biggest surplus in American history. Trust me, no 90’s kid really remembers the decade for the Soviet Union finally breaking apart, or the fact that the internet could show us naked people and conspiracy theories were all the rage. Personally, I was born... Read more »

The 8 problems I have with Frozen

It’s been little over a year, so most of us have seen it, or at least have had “Let It Go’ stuck in our heads on purpose, or treacherously against our will. Even so, with all the build up that led to the release of Frozen and even the hype afterwards leaves me a little... Read more »

Perks of working at a doll hospital: True magic never dies

You look at society now, and you see six year olds playing on tablets, elementary school kids prancing about with the newest iPhone, and many homes are garnished with the newest gaming counsels hooked up to brilliant televisions. Now, I’m not describing a futuristic world, or even my dreams, this is the reality that is... Read more »