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The Strikeforce Hendo/Fedor Recap

The Strikeforce Hendo/Fedor Recap
After Saturday night’s loss against Dan Henderson, Fedor Emelianenko could have seen his last moments in the cage. With close to 8000 people in the Sears Centre with plenty of cheers for both fighters, it was an ending that some were sad to see take place. Fedor and Henderson both came out throwing punches like... Read more »

Dana White: The Promoter

This was the tweet of Dana White after Fedor Eliminako’s loss to Antonio Silva. The fans of not only Fedor, but of the MMA community went ramped on Dana’s twitter account insulting him and calling him a disgrace to the sport. But, the question is was Dana really insulting Fedor, or was he just pleased... Read more »

Fedor Is Defeated

“In MMA Expect the Unexpected” That is the phrase that is going around the MMA world right now as Fedor Emelianenko was given his first loss in 10 years by Fabricio Werdum.  Fedor was given a huge nod from the Vegas odd line and this was definitely a shockwave given off tonight. Fedor came out... Read more »

Chicago Not Getting A UFC Event This Year?

As the New Year began the news has been swirling on if or when Chicago would get another UFC PPV event. The first UFC even in Chicago was 2 years ago in October for UFC 90. The main event was Anderson Silva Versus Patrick Cote. The totals for the PPV were as follows: Attendance: 15,359... Read more »