About Me

MMA in Chicago and the surrounding areas is building each day and I decided to put my thoughts in a blog. Mixed Martial Arts is an up and coming sport and many have embraced it with open arms and the thought of my own blog were intriguing.

Talking MMA with other fans is a great way to expand the publicity of the sport and to bring in people who have either never heard of the sport, or don't know the rules and regulations.

I have been a fan of MMA for many years now and finally decided to put my thoughts on paper. I was born in Chicago and been a fan of many Chicago sports throughout the years. I really enjoy talking MMA, Hockey, and baseball. I feel that I know plenty about the sport and like to pass on knowledge to others as well as gaining new knowledge.

From the multiple organizations that put on this sport you can always find it on at anytime at any place. You turn your head during a broadcast you can miss a quick knockout or a tight submission. The sport moves in such a fast pace, that is one of the big reasons that the sport is becoming main stream.

Talking with many people inside the organization the sport has the nicest and respectful individuals. Conducting an interview, trying to gather news, or just writing a story the members of the sport are willing to help you in any way possible.

I hope to continue on this blog for years to come and hope to open the doors to many new fans that want to get to know the sport and that it's not all about violence.

I have played college baseball for 2 years and currently finishing up studies to earn my double Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Computer Information Systems.