Stone Cold Deserves to Be on WWE 2K16

Stone Cold Deserves to Be on WWE 2K16

The cover reveal for WWE 2K 16 happened earlier this week with Stone Cold Steve Austin making his presence again to a WWE video game. There was also a trailer produced where Austin digs up his old belt up and throws it over his shoulder. It’s candid footage of the 50 year old former wrestler with many fans still attracted to his persona. However, some weren’t happy with the decision.

With Austin he is one of the biggest wrestling personalities in the WWE’s history and still brings the attraction of many fans old and new. With the WWE Network now becoming the revelation the business creators thought it would be, it just reiterates Austin is a big part of the WWE even if he’s not wrestling.

The big hope is that he would return to the squared circle for one last match possibly at WrestleMania 32 in Texas. However, he debunked those rumors and said he has wrestled his last match. Now the reaction was the fans were throwing their hands more in the air in disappointment. But you can’t blame the man who has well known neck injuries over his wrestling career, to step into the ring again for a quick payday.

With so many things that he is doing outside of the wrestling community, why would he want to come back and risk his health that has been top notch since his exit from the WWE in 2003?

Below is the quote he gave to the Associated Press while talking about his image being put on the new video game from 2K Sports.

“I think I’ve left everything I’ve got in the ring”

Again the old school Attitude Era fans are chomping on the bit for him to return and wait for the dominoes to fall so those years can make a miracle return. The dream of bringing back one of the best times in history of the WWE will remain that, history. The WWE has adopted their business model toward children and it has shown through various numbers each and every quarter. Sure Austin coming back would draw numbers, but if he feels his health isn’t worth it then why take that risk?

Shawn Michaels also stated that he has been offered to come back numerous times but doesn’t feel the time or situation is right. Can Austin’s mind be changed in the future and could he return? The old saying “never say never” is always true and odder things have happened. But to chastise a guy for being put on a cover has no backing.

Mind you 2K Sports has done this before in their NBA game with putting Michael Jordan on their 2K11 cover along with the upcoming 2K16 special edition. I’m sure there are a few out there asking why Jordan is on there and the simple answer is that he sells product. The name itself draws you to the game and playing as Michael Jordan is every kid and adults fantasy. The same goes for Stone Cold.

You can’t deny the fact that Austin is a hot commodity as the character and as the person Steve Williams. A man who has had his most memorable battles with Vince McMahon and brought the WWE through the nasty battle of the Monday Night Wars. Putting him on the game is something that I’m sure the producers and other 2K employees thought about and are going to make sure that he’s a big part of the fall release. It wouldn’t make sense for to place him on the cover and not have him in the game or have some involvement of any game mode.

So to all those gamers that are mad that the man from Austin, Texas is gracing the cover, it’s time to get over it. The dreams are over and the Attitude Era has ended and wrestling isn’t’ going back to that time plot of history.

Enjoy WWE 2K16 and I think we will find out he was the perfect selection of the next generation of wrestling from 2K Sports

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