James Krause Searching For That Victory

James Krause Searching For That Victory

With back to back losses James Krause is searching for a victory in Chicago on Saturday night. Krause took some time to talk about his opponent on the FOX card and also talked about the Reebok uniform deal as well as how Glory has become a hotbed for Midwest MMA fighters.

Your opponent Daron Cruickshank is 16-6 overall in his MMA career and is coming off  a loss against Beneil Dariush. What are your thoughts on Crucikshank and what he brings to the table?

I think Cruickshank is a dangerous striker and loves to throw the high kick a lot. His striking is the biggest factor he brings to the table and be successful. He’s dangerous through all fifteen minutes and can finish the fight at any point of the fight. His striking is his best ability and I have to find ways to thwart that.

Glory MMA is slowly becoming a hot bed for Midwest fighters. Why has this facility become such a successful place for up and coming MMA fighters?

I hate to sound clique but it’s through hard work and dedication. I think we have a group of guys that all have the same goals and that shows the results. We come in every day and strive for the same things and it gets easier when you have a group like that to excel.

I think the Midwest is behind on the times in regards to the talent. If you go to California or Florida there’s a black belt on every corner teaching classes. We don’t have that many here at Glory but we just have to unite as one. I think we have done a better job of showing what Glory is about than the past.

It could be a hot bed for fighters like any other small area such as Sunam. Fighters can come from anywhere and it all depends on how well the group meshes together.

With 2 losses in a row it’s kind of expected if you lose this fight you will be cut from the organization. How much does that weigh on your mind throughout training camp and leading up to the fight?

Honestly, I don’t think about it too much. I put myself in this position and I have to preform, plain and simple. I don’t really worry about wins and losses I just worry about going out there and doing my best. I usually do better in clutch situations anyway so it’s not really on my mind.

Every fight in the UFC is important whether it’s your first or last one. As far as I’m concerned it’s another fight to me and it’s the only way I think about it.

I don’t put extra pressure on myself. If I preform to the best to my abilities I strongly believe nobody else can beat me. I trained really hard and don’t cut corners so there’s nothing else I can ask of myself.

The big issue among fighters is the Reebok deal and fighter pay as a whole. What are your thoughts on the uniform deal and if it’s good for everyone involved?

I think everybody is an advocate for fighter pay. All of us want to get compensated for the hard work and dedication we put in. I don’t want to seem ungrateful with the money I’ve received from fighting. That money has allowed to me invest in other areas and expand my financial situation.

Is there room for improvement? Of course, but I think it’s good for some and bad for others. I think the uniforms are great because we are all dressing the same and look more professional.

I would love two spots on my shorts but if it doesn’t happen so be it. This is the UFC’s deal and we are just contracted employees. What they say goes and that’s it and I’m OK with it. I’m not unhappy with it at all but there’s always room for improvement.

People fear the unknown as the UFC figures things out. A lot of people fear the unknown so a lot of us have to ride it out. I think it will work out in the end for every fighter involved.

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