"The Macho Man Randy Savage Story" Review

"The Macho Man Randy Savage Story" Review

There isn’t a easy way to describe the Macho Man’s illustrious career in a wrestling ring, but the man first known as Randy Poffo made fans for a lifetime. The WWE recently released a biography on his career and the ups and downs he went through inside the squared circle.

The WWE has released previous documentaries featuring wrestlers and their interactions with the WWE audience, but the others that made the company work. The Macho Man was no different and the story again was illustrated to perfection.

With Randy Poffo, he grew up in Downers Grove, Illinois and opened a lot of eyes with his athletic physique and talent. He was a star baseball player and was sure to be drafted into Major League Baseball.

After the professional baseball career did not pan out, wrestling was the next choice. With his Dad already being in the profession, he began to train his two sons for a career inside the ropes. The rest is history and to see the story unfold in was magical.

Watching this documentary the producers and editors really made it a point to help new and old fans understand that he was a perfectionist. If it wasn’t done right or rehearsed ten times over it wasn’t something that he would be proud of. The mindset he had was always if things are done well beyond expectations, the entire match would be failure.

Whatever he did from baseball, to weightlifting, to wrestling he always made it a point to make sure his best, wasn’t good enough. He always strived to be better than anyone else and was detailed on every point. I think this is why he was such a great in-ring performer.

Yes, he was one of the people that left the WWE due to physical and personal issues but he was always a name people knew. He never had the longest title run or the biggest promotional push, but he earned everything he received.

With the name Macho Man who does not immediately think of Slim Jims? When that opportunity opened up and he took that role on, his iconic voice made that company what it is today. The deep voice with the point of hitting every syllable was unheard of.  Again the perfectionist was coming out of Randy’s body and it helped him gain more and more fans every single day.

The animosity was there with Vince McMahon and for some reasons that are still not known. However with his unexpected death in 2011, Vince and the company has brought forth a sense of healing. Many will look at the scenario as it being way too late to mend any faces, but this biopic has brought the Macho Man to a whole new generation of fans.

Seeing him as Bone Saw in Spider-Man and still chewing those Slim Jims is something that is unforgettable. The kid from Downers Grove, Illinois didn’t make it to the Major League in baseball but he made it to the Major League’s of wrestling. Not many can say they made a goal and kept wanting to go past it, even though they have reached it.

That is Randy Savage in a nutshell and seeing his life story reassures me he will enter the WWE Hall of Fame one day. It will be well deserved for the Poffo family and for the man that made wearing robes and sunglasses down to the ring cool.

Perfection was the ultimate goal in life for the Macho Man and OHHHHHH YEAAAAAAA he succeeded in every way possible.

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