My Name Is Paul Heyman DVD Review

My Name Is Paul Heyman DVD Review

With his wrestling career spanning many decades it made sense for the WWE to release a Paul Heyman DVD. Heyman has been involved with many companies but most notably the WWE and ECW. With this documentary the life of Paul Heyman is brought to the public eye with such detail and feeling. Watching this  makes you remove yourself from the entertainment side of the business and makes you realize the ups and downs of his life.

With Paul Heyman he wears his heart on his sleeve and the presentation angle the WWE choose was normal (for a documentary) but let Paul speak. There weren’t questions but more answers that has weighed on everyone’s mind for ages. Heyman was upfront and talked about his early days and the path that led him to the wrestling business.

It wasn’t easy for Heyman as a young child taking pictures of the wrestlers before moving into production meetings. Listening to Heyman speak there was a sense of nervousness and tentative toward his life story. When shown on camera, he carried a relaxed look that he could tell his story they he wanted without any direction or force.

The most fantastic part of the DVD was when ECW was discussed. The time line was when he first started with the company all the way until the WWE purchased the company. It was a very emotional part of Paul’s career and you can feel the sentiments. It wasn’t easy for him to discuss what happened to ECW at the very end of the company’s life but he wasn’t holding anything back.

What was not known to me was that the WWE had meetings with ECW and Paul regarding talent and how much interest Vince McMahon had. Vince paid ECW to use wrestlers in the WWE where the monies went straight back into the company. It wasn’t Paul who was cashing checks for himself and keeping the money in his pocket. He withdrew his parents’ savings to keep ECW alive and even fired his own mother for a merchandise mess up. This is how passionate he was for the wrestling business. Paul had a plan that he wanted to run ECW his way and that of course caused waves with others.

Overall Paul has helped many who were still learning the craft of their promos and showed when the WWE brought him in. He was also asked to run Smackdown  as the head creative writer and for a short time beat RAW in the television ratings. His creative genius had an excellent track record and continued to evolve the overall characters of up and coming wrestlers.

However the brass of the WWE and Heyman always continued to bump heads and Paul was eventually let go by the company. He moved on to developing his new website and stayed in touch with Brock Lesnar. It was 6 years before Heyman came back into the WWE Universe and again was aiding his “next big thing”.

When you think of great wrestling minds not only in front of the camera but behind the scenes, Paul Heyman is in the elite category. Watching this documentary has shown that the WWE didn’t hold anything back and there were no topics untouched. Everyone put their differences aside and brought together an epic tale of a lawyer’s son from the Bronx on what wrestling meant to him.

I put this DVD side by side with the CM Punk documentary because the WWE let the cameras roll and let them speak. It could be the personalities of both or the stories of being introduced to wrestling is both iconic and a road of peaks and valleys. Nothing was always easy for Paul Heyman but he when he decided to take a challenge up to task and put all his effort to make sure things are successful.

That is who Paul Heyman is and will continue to be both inside and out of the ring.

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