1 on 1 with WWE's Bo Dallas

1 on 1 with WWE's Bo Dallas

When you are Bo Dallas you are bolieving no matter what. Yes, it’s a gimmick and many know it’s just something to get a reaction from fans. However, Taylor Rotunda uses that not only at his job, but through his personal life as well.

Bo as the WWE Universe knows him as was kind enough to talk about his family history, wrestling in high school and the bolieve gimmick that is taking the wrestling community by storm.

Wrestling in your family is historic. You have had multiple generations be involved with sports entertainment and now your brother and yourself have followed the same path. What does that mean to you being 3rd generation superstar?

I grew up being wanting to be a wrestler. I knew it was my heart to do this but I just didn’t know when.  My support my family has been great. Anything that I wanted to do they had my back and when I decided to purse wrestling, they were more than happy to assist in anyway possible. They saw the drive and passion I have for this so there weren’t any disagreements when I choose this dream.

While you were in high school you participated in wrestling. Do you think that type of wrestling helps you prepare the muscle memory for the in ring aspect night in and night out?

Oh absolutely. You not only learn the technical aspects, but the drive and determination that you need to move onto other things. It’s just not professional wrestling but anything in life.  It helped me when I first started this sport because I knew many of the maneuvers and positions that were taught.

Your brother Bray Wyatt is also in the WWE right now and both of you started your careers in the NXT. How much of that bonding experience helped get you to the main WWE roster?

We both came into this with the same mindset, that we are going to be our identities. We wanted our success to be for ourselves. As much as we respect and love our father, grandfather and uncles, we didn’t want to become molds of them. We wanted this path to be our own.  So far I think we accomplished that.

I don’t think you look at myself or my brother and say, “Oh, that’s the sons of former wrestler IRS”.  To have the family on the road with you it’s great to have somebody bounce ideas off of and help you critique you. You can trust those people and you can’t buy that relationship; it’s a beautiful thing.

Currently your father is a road agent for the WWE. How much involvement does your Dad have with helping you progress your wrestling career?

He has helped tremendously. My Dad has seen so much wrestling through his years, he knows more than my brother and I combined.  It’s always great to have a base with him and the critiques he gives me I take them to heart and apply them immediately.

The gimmick bolieve has been going on for a few months now and everyday more and more fans are responding. How do you take the more boos than cheers when you come out to a WWE crowd and preach bolieve?

I take every situation as a positive.  Bolieving is definitely a positive. If you are having a rough day, sitting in traffic, late to work you have to take a step back and realize this day could be better. All you have to do is bolieve. It’s something that I take to heart and every time I’m out in the public, I get nothing but positive reactions.

Bolieve is something that is great to use and think about because it will make somebody’s day better.

Your brother has the dark side of your two gimmicks down, while you have the cocky, chip on the shoulder persona. Have you ever thought about changing your role into more of a dark person character?

HA! Right now I think Bray is doing that quite well and I have my own agenda. But you never know maybe one day down the road maybe Bo Dallas will cross paths with Bray Wyatt. Maybe our differences will come to a head in the future. With the WWE you just don’t know.

WWE Raw returns to Chicago on September 29th. Your family has said in the past Chicago is a great wrestling community. Even though you haven’t been on the roster long, what are your thoughts when you fly in for an event?

All the times I have been to Chicago either on the WWE roster or just being there the community is always a hot bed. The crowds are always revved up and the care a lot on what we do. They always look for a great show and never want to see effort at only 50 percent.

Going back to Chicago in late September is going to be great and the energy will definitely be there.

While in NXT you were champion for almost 8 months. How much of being the “selling point” for the company has helped you get to the WWE?

I can’t say anything but, it has helped me immensely. It really has helped me develop greatly into a professional wrestler and hone my craft. I wouldn’t be where I am today without being given the opportunity to be champion in NXT. I’m glad the powers to be gave me that chance to excel.

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