Uncensored With The Iron Sheik

Uncensored With The Iron Sheik

What do you get when you integrate a former pro wrestler and a man that has no filter?

I’m sure you didn’t have to think hard, but the Iron Sheik is somebody that doesn’t care what your opinion is. He has gone from a famous professional wrestler, to a famous tweeting individual.

With his movie coming out on digital download at http://sheikmovie.com, he was kind enough to take some time out of his busy afternoon, to talk everything from wrestling to MMA.

Just to remind you this interview is unfiltered and I couldn’t present it any other way.

What are your thoughts on the immortal Hulk Hogan returning to the WWE after a long hiatus?

The Hulk know what best for the business. He know how to make the world news with greatest company in the world WWE. He know I make the Hulkamania that way he never get smart with the legend.

My movie show how I make the company biggest company in the world. I love how everybody know I am the real not that Hollywood blonde jabroni Hulk Hogan.

Over the years,  you had several disagreements with the Ultimate Warrior and has passed away suddenly. What was your relationship like with him before his death and your feelings of him dying over the past 24 hours?

He break my heart. He my wrestling brother. I always respect him as performer he one of the best ever. God bless him and forever I be sad.

How do you feel about John Cena’s career so far in the WWE?  

He excellent. He know how to work and make the people happy. He look good he believable and he play one of beat babyface in the world. This way I love him forever.

Your thoughts on CM Punk leaving the company?

I don’t know much about it. I know he great worker he respect the business. Sometime the people get burn out but I work in my day 320 day a year.

Looking back on your 4 Wrestlemania appearances, what are your greatest memories of being part of the biggest PPV in wrestling?

I make the world news I make the hall of fame I hall of fame champion I win gimmick battle royal I win tag team champion with my manager Fred Blassie. I happy to be on the card to work with the best performers in the world and to always have the best heat.

In my movie www.sheikmovie.com you see what I talk about the Wrestlemania.

What is it about Chael Sonnen and how he continues to  have people stay interested in his fights?

Chael BIG BIG talker. But he also BIG BIG fighter. He know how to back up make fight exciting and make the people spend the money. This is promoter dream.

Even if he lose the people want to see him. This way I respect him because he know what to do to make the best business.

Thoughts on Dana White and how he handles the UFC?

He intelligent jew.

MMA has been in the public eye regarding steroids. They have taken steps to make sure cheating is not happening. How do you feel about steroids in Mixed Martial Arts?

Everybody do them. Everybody need them. This is natural for the sport.

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