The R Word Mr. Telander

The R Word Mr. Telander

The United Center was hosting another great UFC event this past Saturday and the 16,000 plus fans and media personalities enjoyed their time watching MMA. There is one person who wrote about the UFC and the sport of MMA in a negative light.

Rick Telander of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote a piece on what it seemed like his first time at a MMA event.

You can view the entire article here, but I will quote some of the notables below.

“Almost everything painful and hideous that can be done to the body is guaranteed to occur in the UFC. Of course, you can’t gouge out somebody’s eyeball or purposely break his fingers or head butt or, my favorite, “fish hook’’ anymore. That means you can’t rip off a foe’s ear or tear his mouth open so it resembles a Jack-o’-Lantern’s grin.”

“And, as the UFC folks always remind us, nobody, allegedly, has ever been killed in sanctioned match. You tap out, that’s it.”

Now I’m not sure how to take this, as it could be a tongue in cheek comment, but for a very talented writer this is not needed in an article. I think Telander is trying to insert his own situations of pro wrestling which don’t happen in the UFC or MMA. The painful and hideous comment is a total different animal.

So according to Mr. Telander that there are two men that enter the cage and the only to win is to kill your opponent. Glad he did some research on the fact there is a commission involved and there are plenty of steps to assure the safety of every fighter. The rules are also set in place so nobody dares to “kill” someone. But again research would have helped. Did I mention a referee is the 3rd man in the cage too? Maybe he missed him when was turning away on media row.

Now the UFC folks as he calls them have said nobody has ever been killed in a sanctioned match. That might be the most accurate statement from his piece that is actually true. Unfortunately, it didn’t come from Telander himself. But the end comment was you if tap out that’s it. No Rick, you just don’t tap out, there’s multiple ways to win. There’s that R word again.

Now his response to Clay Guida winning his fight.

“But he won. And he was joyful. And he respected his foe who lost a tough one, but, of course, survived. As these fighters apparently always do. In a later bout, Ricardo Lamas of Elmhurst battered Milwaukeean Erik Koch’s face until Lamas’ forearm and elbow were painted red with blood. I had to turn away. But blood is the sacrifice the crowd chants for.”

So I say forget the referee in the cage and hire Jeff Probst and let him carry around torches and crown the winner that way. It’s the only viable option in the mind of Telander.

And the crowd was chanting for more blood? This isn’t the movie “300” where the two combatants carry swords and are ready to rip each other’s body parts off. This sport is something that has a certain art and takes a lot more time than you cared to research while doing complying article. There it is again…

“It’s a conundrum then. It’s maybe too close to the surface. The blood ritual, the gore, the darkness of mortal wounding. Which, remember, never quite happens.”

“Many people hate MMA. I am torn.”

Again with this blood issue which seems to be the focal point. The majority of fans are not looking for the blood to splatter, or the anger to take over their soul to hurt somebody. This sport hasn’t been around quite as long as the other 4 major sports, but you can’t deny it’s now part of the main stream media.

Rick is torn and so many times he had to look away because of the so called gore and violence. You’ve covered this sport once according to what I’ve read and right away throw it into the garbage disposal.

Even when you tried to compliment Clay Guida, you had a few backhanded comments that insulted not only him, but the entire MMA community. I wouldn’t walk into a football game and put the game down or try to make a joke of the entire sport. Speaking of injuries and blood how many football players bleed or how many fans want to see a fight breakout at a hockey game? It’s the same concept right?

The football hitting can be thrown into your world of combat explanation. With so many players getting concussions and football still not grasping a handle on them, when will it end? The UFC has taken a proactive approach in making sure fighters are cleared and healthy in order to compete.

The problem with this article, you did not do any research on what the sport and the UFC is all about. Instead you put down a great sport that is more than just blood and gore as you think everyone wants to see. Instead of writing a sensible piece, you decided to take a comedic insulting route.

Thanks to the good friends at MMA Fighting the preliminary ratings for this show was 3.77 million viewers. That’s up 13 percent from the last FOX show. But so many hate MMA right?

Maybe next time you cover an MMA event instead of looking away, you try to learn a sport that you know so little about.

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