TMZ and Research Don't Mix

TMZ and Research Don't Mix


Yes the so called “entertainment website” that posts news about celebrities and other important people. I have written about TMZ in the past, but recently they continue to ruin the name of not only the UFC but MMA as well.

A few days ago they published a news article regarding Stephan Bonnar and that he was caught using steriods during his fight against Anderson Silva. The entire entry can be seen below.

“Sometimes steroids just don’t do the trick … just ask UFC’s Stephan Bonnar, who got crushed by Anderson Silva during last month’s UFC fight.

After Bonnar’s loss — which triggered his retirement from the UFC — he was tested and Drostanolone (an anabolic steroid) showed up in his system … according to

Here’s the thing … this isn’t the first time this has happened to to Bonnar. He tested positive for a steroid substance back in 2006 after UFC 62. He was suspended and fined.

As for the Silva fight, Bonnar lost by TKO and the steroids make Silva’s win all the more impressive.”

Now I’m not condoning the steroid use, as that is a whole another issue but the problem lies in the last line.

With Bonnar he took the fight on short notice and if TMZ did even a little amount of research, they would see that Silva is arguably one of the best fighters in the sport. Bonnar didn’t have much of a shot to win his fight but that’s not taking anything away from him. He was heading towards the end of his career and wanted one more big fight before calling it quits.

I know TMZ likes to report news in a unique fashion and sway readers in a way that draws attention for all the right or wrong reasons. But the problem is the credibility of TMZ begins to drop considerably when they report things that aren’t true.

Yes Bonnar took steroids, but to say that of this unveiling, makes this win that much bigger for Silva is incorrect. Silva was picked by mostly every fan and media member and even though Bonnar had a “punchers chance” the chance of winning was miniscule.

It’s a double edged sword with TMZ and the UFC. Yes the coverage of the sport is a good thing for casual watchers, but for the die hards its teeth grinding. The news on TMZ is great for the sport but for the wrong reasons (steroids) is not the positive. Unfortunately with this site it reports more negative stories than positive ones.

But when they report the negatives and add false statements is my issue. A little research isn’t difficult in this age of technology and either they don’t want to take the time or think this way is the best.

TMZ did publish a news article on Ronda Rousey becoming the first female in UFC history, which is great.

But in the future when more negative things happen in the sport TMZ will be all over it like a pack of hyenas. It’s sad that this company that could focus more on the great things going on in the sport, doesn’t happen. In the end I think this will push new fans away from the sport who are dedicated readers of this site.

A simple Google search should be easy enough for a big news company, but unfortunately, they refuse to do it.

Maybe one day…

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