It's More Than Win and Losses

It's More Than Win and Losses

With his loss to Lavar Johnson this past Saturday, Pat Barry has dropped 3 out of his last 4 fights with all coming the way of TKO, KO and submission. It has been a rough go around for Barry in the Heavyweight division as of late, but many are looking for him to get cut. But with HD, it won’t happen just yet.

Sure you can say he has one win out of his last four fights and he won’t even deny that fact. But the thing is with the UFC they like to keep people that are good for business. Many individuals that are fans of the sport like to have “tunnel vision” and ignore the fact this business is all about making money. Sure Barry has lost more than he won but the thing is he’s a great face for the UFC.

The UFC likes to market their fighters to be good people for their brand as well as helping them gain stardom at the same time. Barry isn’t being compared to GSP, Jon Jones, or any other main eventer in the business but Barry still carries that niche. Just take a look at Dan Hardy.

Dan Hardy has had a rough go at it the last few fights as well and even though he is on the wrong side of things the UFC keeps him around. Now you can go into if he is deserves another chance after his losses, which is debatable but he is a great representative for the company. I’m not taking anything away from Hardy’s skills or talents because it would be unfair.

After his last loss Lorenzo Fertitta tweeted that he is keeping Hardy around because he comes to fight. But in addition to that he brings in a lot of fans from the United Kingdom and England. Michael Bisping also hails from the same area but for the majority of the time Bisping is given the “heel” moniker. MMA is a fast growing sport and having people from various countries really helps the product evolve.

Being in the Heavyweight Division is not a bad time for a current roster member in the UFC currently. With Barry, even though is on the wrong side of the coin is in a pretty favorable spot. The division right now is lacking a lot of flexibility and Barry isn’t afraid to fight anyone.

You can see Barry fighting various people in the future because he’s a good fighter and is in the good graces of upper management. You can’t fault a guy for being well liked and being what is asked for him in being a good publicist for the company. Sure the wins haven’t come exactly, but Barry is always looking to give the fans what they want.

If you don’t think Barry is a good fighter so be it, but to say he is not a dedicated or true employee is wrong. He loves going to work every day, loves what he does and UFC is showing their appreciation for going beyond expectations. Now I know the UFC wants more wins and losses but with Barry he can be a focal point for the future.

Barry is living up to his nickname for the time being and hopefully the wins begin to build.

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