Tainted Horsemeat

Tainted Horsemeat

Alistair Overeem is a cheater.

There’s no sugar coating that statement, or trying to make excuses for the once Pride Champion. Yesterday, at the NSAC hearing he let his “people” do the talking.

Now this all stems from a high testosterone level Overeem had on a surprise drug test after a press conference. I can go into the details of what normal levels should be, but that isn’t the point. At this meeting Overeem brought the doctor who gave him the shot he needed for supposedly an injured rib.

Overeem sat in that hearing letting his doctor and lawyers talk and throw every defense they had towards the board. First let me focus on the doctor that administered the shot for the Overeem.

The person in question is Dr. Hector Molina and he lives in Texas. According to Overeem he was referred to Molina with high praise. But, maybe he should have done some research before going to his offices and getting the medication he needed.

Below are some of the problems Molina has had with patients and the state of Texas regarding his practices.

Back in December, Molina conducted plastic surgery and the results came back horrifying for the patient.


He was arrested in 2004 for family violence.


He was fined for internet prescriptions.


Now, they are more stories on Molina but those are the three that quickly came through the Google search engine. When the person usually is shady and has some questionable business practices in the long run it tends to stay the same. But Molina isn’t the main one to blame in this situation; Alistair should be the main focus.

Form the hearing Overeem wasn’t sure what was going into his body and let the doctor handle that situation. That’s where the ignorance begins. As an athlete you should know what you are putting into your body and using the excuse “I wasn’t sure” is totally asinine. Overeem should have presented the doctor with the questions about what he was giving him and to make sure his levels were in check for a test.

There are always two sides to every story and you heard a bunch of statements from his team regarding the high levels, but the problem is Overeem is refusing to take blame. Even when Molina was speaking on what the process was, he stumbled over his words. Overeem should have asked right away what banned substances are in this shot you’re giving me and if there is please remove it. It is just dumbfounding that he didn’t bring up those questions. With this, his credibility as a fighter has fizzled into basically nothing because of what transpired.

With any professional athlete they need to know what their body is taking in and the excuses are falling on deaf ears. Yes Overeem was suspended for 9 months which is whole another topic. The NSAC should have been sterner on this ruling to set a precedent.

This issue is comparable to the hockey suspension questions that have been ongoing in the playoffs. Brendan Shanahan has had issues with delegating suspensions for questionable actions and the NSAC has had the same. King Mo was given a one year sentence for taking a banned substance, yet Overeem took something that was also banned and given only nine months?

The topper to this, the NSAC praised Overeem after the meeting for how courageous he was for showing up and telling his side of the story. The NSAC has some really ignorant people on their board and they want athletes following the rules. But praising a guy who didn’t follow them and then showering him with positive thoughts is a joke.

The horse meat Overeem has been eating may have been healthy and substance free, but who knows if those meals weren’t coming from the same offices of Dr. Molina. Overeem has lost a lot in such a short time and I refuse to praise him for doing something that could have been prevented.

He may be a smart guy inside the cage, but out, it’s a whole different animal.

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  • To play devil's advocate, any chance that there was a level of ignorance here due to all the Dutch management nonsense that Alistair and others (ex Marloes Coenan) had going on? Although unlikely in reality, I could see a situation come up where management referred their athlete (Reem) to a "doctor" and said, "hey, trust us." Like you stated, it's his body and his responsibility, but I'm just saying, I could see it.

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