Stay Away Jose Canseco

Stay Away Jose Canseco

Times are rough for everybody in this economy and many individuals are barely making ends meet. Some are pulling down 2 jobs just to pay for rent, or put food on the table. But with Jose Canseco times are different for him as well and will do almost anything for money.

Now with Jose Canseco if you don’t know the back-story on him is that he will sign up for anything to either; get his name mentioned in the mainstream media, or make an easy payday. Recently, Jose Canseco tweeted this to his followers.


Yes Shaq is good friends with Dana White, and have been for many years and there have been friendly banter going back and forth between him and Canseco. So Canseco who has black belts in karate and Taekwondo is looking for a challenge.

The problem with Canseco is that his reputation is not something that I would like to call kosher. He seems to be only looking for what? You guessed it another easy payday. Below are just a few things that has he done in the past that isn’t what you would call normal.

On October 10, 2008, Canseco was detained by immigration officials at a San Diego border crossing as he tried to bring a fertility drug from Mexico. He stated the drug was to help with his hormone replacement therapy, needed due to his use of steroids. On November 4, 2008, Canseco pled guilty in federal court and was sentenced to 12 months’ unsupervised probation by U.S. Magistrate Judge Ruben B. Brooks

On March 28th, 2011 former major league slugger and admitted steroid user Jose Canseco was scheduled to enter the ring Saturday night in Hollywood, Fla. to fight trainer Billy Padden, but promoter Damon Feldman says that Canseco’s twin brother Ozzie showed up instead.

According the Big League Stew, Canseco wants 75 dollars for a signed baseball, and an interview could cost up to 2000 dollars. He is living off of what seems like nothing and trying to do shady business deals just to add more money to his already empty pocket.  With Canseco who was a great player in his days (steroids or not) he continues to try to backstab friends, and others just to make a quick buck. Now he wants Dana White to sign a fight between him and Shaq for a future show?

Jose, this isn’t a celebrity fight off company where you come in and get pounded for 3 minutes and make 5000 dollars. He has tried time after time looking for an easy way to a paycheck and doesn’t understand what a successful business takes to run. Over 2 years ago Canseco fought in his first MMA bout in Japan, lost in the first round due to strikes.

Many will bring up the name James Toney, who was also taking his first chance inside the Octagon against Randy Couture. Now Toney was a boxer for years before trying MMA and already has plenty of money in the bank and wanted to see what he could with a much broader rule set. He ultimately lost to Couture via submission but has a boxing career for fall back on.

What does Canseco have to fall back on? Sign autographs every day and make a few bucks just to get him through the week? A 47 year old who still is desperate for the spotlight and knowing what is financial situation is, looking for that big cash advance.

With Dana White, he is smart enough to know that Canseco will bring nothing to the table and even though the ratings might be high, it would be an insult to any person practicing mixed martial arts. This is the guy that admitted to taking steroids during his baseball career and has been a black eye for anybody that has been associated to the Cuban native.  It’s a sad situation, but it’s the path he chooses and now he wants to infect the sport of MMA with his ridiculous ideas and hopefully the sport doesn’t stand for them.

He has gotten a lot of breaks over the years in terms of steroid possession, getting very little jail time, and plenty of probation. Yes he may have some skills in the sport but when it comes to the UFC, it’s not a circus show. The UFC isn’t called the “Greatest Show on the Mat” and bring in random former celebrities to fill in their cards. This is a sport with talented athletes who are developing their skills every day to try to be the best and don’t want people like Canseco making a mockery.

Yes Jose, we know your motives on why you want to take on Shaq in the biggest stage and it’s all about the money. Seeing your past dealings with other companies and doing numerous boxing events (the ones you show up to) just trying to make the light shine brighter and brighter on you.

Too bad Nash Bridges isn’t around still as you can possibly made another guest appearance on that show. Or maybe you can sucker people into the ridiculous amount of money it costs to own a piece of worthless memorabilia.

Please stay away from MMA because your time has passed Jose, and I’m sure the UFC is smart enough to do the same.

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