The Strikeforce Hendo/Fedor Recap

The Strikeforce Hendo/Fedor Recap

After Saturday night’s loss against Dan Henderson, Fedor Emelianenko could have seen his last moments in the cage.

With close to 8000 people in the Sears Centre with plenty of cheers for both fighters, it was an ending that some were sad to see take place. Fedor and Henderson both came out throwing punches like they were fighting for their last minutes of their lives and both fighters landed some shots but Henderson was the one walking away with his hand raised.

Some have said there was an early stoppage but I think Fedor was “rocked” and not legitimately defending himself and Herb Dean had no choice to step in and call the fight. Everything building up to this fight was there; history, two legends of the sport, and the explosiveness. Unfortunately, somebody had to lose this fight and Fedor now has lost 3 fights in a row and his career is in obvious uncertainty.

Saffeidine Pulls Out a Decision

Scott Smith was very complacent moving in and out of the pocket and landing a few punches for the first 2 rounds. That being said Saffeidine was on the offensive for all 3 rounds and frustrated Smith with his right handed power. “The Sponge” soaked up the few punches Smith threw at him and picked up a win with a well-rounded performance.

Woodley Avoids the “Semtex”

Paul Daley who is well known for his punching during and  after a fight, wasn’t on display Saturday night. Woodley was going into this fight and looking to take it down to the mat and secured multiple take downs even with an improved defense from Daley. Daley never used his main offensive weapon and even after a well noticeable loss, still challenged the judges saying he won rounds 1 and 3. Woodley looked impressive and working with Jay Glazer I’m sure didn’t hurt him either.

Kennedy Despises Decision Wins

Tim Kenney defeated Robbie Lawler and he wasn’t happy with a few people on Saturday night. He said after unanimous decision that he wants to stand in the cage and fight instead of chasing his opponent and wants to finish his fights with a submission or knockout. Even during the fight, Kennedy told the judges it’s just blood meaning he wasn’t hurt and the scores shouldn’t reflect that knowing some will give points for a cut. He also told them after the fight he doesn’t like them and rather finish the fight in the cage instead of going to the score cards. Whatever the case Kennedy picked up another win and wants another shot at the title.

Tate takes the Title

Tate who was the challenger for the Bantamweight Championship and her opponent was well known for her submissions was on the other side of this fight on Saturday. Miesha Tate brought the fight to the mat, and Marloes Coenen had a chance to finish the fight with rear-naked choke. However she could not lock it in and Miesha Tate turned the tables and locked in a triangle choke to capture the title. I’m not sure this is a fight that makes a big push for Woman’s fighting in the future of the company but hopefully it continues to improve.

News and Notes

Many people were in attendance for this fight and that included; Anthony Pettis, Daniel Cormier, and Lisa Marie (Former WWE’s Victoria). Also Fight Chix, and MMAWarehouse representatives were taking in the festivities.

As confirmed by Scott Coker after the event Champion Allister Overeem was released from his contract, and  he refused to go into any detail regarding that situation. There has been no mention on what happens with the vacated title now that he has been released. Many have said that Overeem was injured and Strikeforce couldn’t move their show any later than September and Overeem decided that time wouldn’t be enough to recover from his injuries.

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