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That’s the words that were chanted early in the 1990’s and continued into the early 2000’s. And who was the mastermind behind this professional wrestling success?

Paul Heyman

Many past wrestling fans and even current ones know this name because Paul Heyman not only because he revolutionized professional wrestling but he had this 6th sense on things. Heyman was the type of person that would push the envelope and not worry to backlash until after the event passed. He was the in your face person that would tell you how it is and that includes times when he was managing Brock Lesnar.

Even as a TV character, Heyman made himself known throughout the wrestling world with sometimes only 10 minutes of television time. He knew when to put the spotlight on himself and then redirect it somewhere else in order to develop others character. 

With the wrestling world in his rear view mirror (for now) Heyman decided to follow Lesnar into MMA and with his website Heyman Hustle he continues to push the popularity of MMA. But the interesting thing with Heyman is that he helped Shane Carwin on cutting a promo for his fight against Junior Dos Santos.

Carwin had to this to say on his blog regarding his interaction with Heyman.

“I have been called “boring” in the past but the reality is when you are interviewed by people that do not fully understand the sport or how to extract the right information to sell the event. I do not lead interviews so if the media is not sure of how to extract the right information I can come off “boring”. That would be the Heyman difference. Paul was able to let me be me, left the stupid questions out and we got into some good stuff.”

Now many said this isn’t good and Paul Heyman doesn’t belong near the sport because it’s not a fantasy world like wrestling is. I thought of that instantly when I heard Heyman was helping Carwin with his promos.  But then I took a step back and thought of what the Countdown Shows are all about and that’s building anticipation.

Some are very good at talking trash and that is just a part of their personality. Other fighters don’t want to get into the back and forth banter between their opponents and just want to fight. Many have said the talking is worthless and all talking should be done with the talent they have inside the cage. That’s their style and with no build what ways can the company make the fight more marketable?

But the other part of the business in MMA is making money and how they do that is building up fights and the Countdown Shows do just that. They want the fans to get a peek inside the training up to the fight and what they think of their opponents. With Shane Carwin he isn’t a trash talker but any means and that’s not a knock against him because he wants to focus on one thing and that is fighting.

Spike TV knew this about him so they gave a call to Paul Heyman to work with him in terms of speaking to the camera and letting his feelings roll instead of holding onto the thoughts until they get into the cage. And who not better to bring in than Heyman?

Cutting promos is no easy task for any person and just talking to the camera isn’t something that will make money for the company and build up the excitement for the fight. Heyman has dealt with many wrestlers over the years cutting live and backstage promos and neither is easy. So matching Heyman and Carwin was a no brainer and the results were positive.

Like I mentioned before Heyman has this 6th sense as I like to call it because he knows how to be the man behind the camera as well as in front it. Bringing him in to help Carwin, gives huge credit to Heyman on how he brings things to life and seeing Carwin discuss the fight made it that more “buying”.

I know in the past Heyman and Coker had discussions about him joining up in some capacity with Strikeforce, and with that not materializing, he decided to take a step back and let things develop. But with this call from Spike TV why wouldn’t they keep him around to help other fighters who don’t know how to direct their disdain for their opponent or how they feel leading up to the battle?

I know Paul Heyman is known for his wrestling history and that is never going to be erased but with him stepping into the MMA world when it’s quickly on the rise who can blame him?
Having Heyman around is a great asset to any MMA company and he makes the little things develop the big picture. Yes when Heyman is mentioned the three letters ECW will be immediately connected but hopefully in the near future another three letters are included….


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