Charles 'Mask' Lewis


After being found guilty one felony count of vehicular
manslaughter by unlawful act with gross negligence while intoxicated on
December 9th of 2010 sentencing was passed down today for Jeffrey
David Kirby.

Kirby received 9 years in the death of Charles “Mask”
Lewis due to the consumption of alcohol and killing of the former TapouT owner.
Kirby had this to say the Orange County Register.

“I never hurt anyone intentionally or accidentally in
my life,” Jeffrey David Kirby told Superior Court Judge Richard F. Toohey.
“I wish I could right the wrong I have caused…I wish I could reverse the
miseries I have caused…”

With a little over 2 weeks in front of a jury a guilty
verdict was found and passed down to Kirby who on lost his control if his
Porsche and crashed into Lewis’ Ferrari. Lewis then lost control of his
vehicle and slammed into a light pole dying instantly.

Mask was a big impact of the MMA community due to his TapouT
clothing brand and was one of the first companies who joined UFC and other organizations
to sponsor fighters. It was a terrible day for all and even though his killer received
9 years Mask is still missed by many.

Lewis’s sister (Kaya C.D, Lewis) also had this to say.

“When people drink and get behind the wheel and drive, that
vehicle goes from a mode of transportation to a weapon.”

While Mask will forever live in the hearts of friends and
family alcohol and operating is not something that should be even thought about.
Many have gone through what the family of Mask has been through and the pain
will always be there.

With this sentencing there is justice and the guilty got
what they deserved but bringing back the person who suffered the fate of the stupidity
of others isn’t possible. However, with Skrape and Punkass still leading the
charge for the company I’m sure Mask is watching over them every second to see
that his dream continues on.

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