MMA Store: The MMA Encyclopedia

MMA Store: The MMA Encyclopedia



You want to be an MMA expert?

Many go to Wikipedia or Google their information on fighters, UFC cards, and even referees of MMA. Yet one book that seems to have all this information and more is The MMA Encyclopedia.

Author Jonathan Snowden has really taken his MMA thoughts and facts to this book covering everything that is of the sport past and present. With fighter biographies and covering their every fight in professional MMA and a brief personal rundown of each the book doesn’t fail to impress.

The layout of the MMA Encyclopedia is something that is very easy to navigate and looking for a certain part of MMA is seamless. With the book starting from A to Z, whatever phrase that you’re looking for can be found in a matter of seconds. The most interesting part of this title is the event by event results and rare stats that are rarely mentioned.

From Pride to Sengoku each event from former and current MMA organizations is highlighted at the end of the book and walks you through history with a flip of the page. Many events are highlighted and if you want to relive what events you were at or forget who fought at UFC 52 it’s all at your fingertips.

Each fight card is broken down with the date and location along with the winners and how they won their respective fight.

Along with the fight results the fight stats are amazing. Below are some great trivia questions to ask and stump fellow MMA fans along with the so called ‘experts’ out there.

Q: How many fights did the UFC have in the year 2005?

A: 80 fights

Q: Most cumulative time fighting in the UFC? (Since 2009)

A:  Randy Couture: 264 Minutes in 21 fights

Q: Most draws in MMA history?

A: Frank Shamrock with 2

There are plenty more stats and notes in this book that can be read through for days. Jonathan worked extensively on this book and he wanted to spread this information to every MMA fan. The holidays are coming up and this can be bought at Amazon and author Jonathan Snowden is on Twitter.

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