Brock Lesnar WWE Bound?

The UFC world felt the shock of Mexican-American fighter Cain Velasquez on Saturday night with him defeating Brock Lesnar for the Heavyweight Championship. Brock Lesnar was manhandled and took plenty of damage to his face with multiple cuts and bruises to his face. Velasquez was very quick from the ground to his feet and made quick accurate strikes to break Lesnar down.

With Lesnar being defeated and visibly beaten, as he was walking away from the Octagon The Undertaker (from World Wrestling Entertainment) asked him “You wanna do it?” Below is the video of the exchange between the two courtesy of Ariel Helwani and (:45 mark)

It is very interesting that Undertaker would say that to Lesnar and Lesnar didn’t seem to give much of a response except for a stare back. Undertaker went on to say things were personal between him and Lesnar and nothing was really revealed in the short interview.

Many websites are now reporting that exchange was some kind of buildup for Wrestlemania 27 where Brock would come back one more time to face the undefeated Undertaker. This would be a huge draw for the WWE and could be plenty of money for Brock too hard to pass up.

Lesnar did wrestle with the WWE from 2002-2004 winning the title for that company and becoming one of the best heels in the company’s history.  He decided in 2004 to leave the WWE for a chance at becoming a NFL player. However, that did not work out for him and he then decided to pursue MMA. His reasons for leaving where that he did not like the schedule of the WWE that took away time for him his family and other hobbies.

With the kind of pay that Vince McMahon could offer Brock can always say yes to this one last match and it would be a win win situation for him and the WWE. The question is would his contract allow him to take this final match?

Not many things are known about a UFC contract and what it entails in terms of working for other companies and doing things outside of The UFC. If there is some kind of clause in his contract stating he can’t be put on television in order to make money for himself and the company, WWE would be out of the question. Contracts can always be worked around and edited but, that starts with UFC President Dana White.

Dana White also did an interview with Ariel Helwani after UFC 121 and was lost for words on what happened. (2:25 mark)


Dana White says he has butt heads on a lot of things with Brock Lesnar and this possible match could be another one of the reasons they are disagreeing. Dana did say that Brock hasn’t said to him about going back to wrestling and thinks The Undertaker and Lesnar are just friends.

The whole exchange between the two was huge hit on YouTube gaining over 295,000 views and both the MMA and wrestling fans are wondering what exactly is behind that question. Many wrestling websites are saying it’s a done deal that Brock is a few days away from signing a contract with the WWE for this one fight deal. That is an absolutely false statement as Lesnar is going to recover from his injuries the next few weeks and then go hunting as he has earlier media press conferences.

MMA fans should be wondering what is next for the former Heavyweight Championship. With this only being his second loss in his UFC career where does he stack up for a title rematch in the future. Many websites are reporting Frank Mir could be his next fight (and the 3rd against each other) in early 2011 and many fans groan over the thought of that taking place.

The real fight could happen with the winner of Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson facing Brock Lesnar and the winner of that bout could possibly be in line for the next title shot.

Brock Lesnar has had a successful MMA career so far and it doesn’t seem likely that he would drop everything to go back to the WWE. If the one fight does happen at Wrestlemania 27, it would be a great payday for him but will Dana White have some say in this?

Dana White and Vince McMahon have gone toe to toe before with many words being thrown back and forth that MMA would not make it into the mainstream media and many fans would stay loyal to the WWE.

The situation is very peculiar one with really only two people knowing what was really talked about. Brock Lesnar isn’t done in The UFC but if Vince McMahon dangles enough money in front of him would he jump at the opportunity.

“The Next Best Thing” may return to the WWE but will The UFC support it? Brock Lesnar is an elite athlete and this could be something that can be worked out that his beneficial for all parties involved.

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