Warrior Not Paying Their Bills?

The UFC has a lot of fighters in their organization and many companies are looking to be placed on their shorts or shirt at the time of their fight. It helps them get their company exposure and boost their sales with the consumer liking the design or just general interest. With that being said a company usually pays the fighter to wear their logo on their shorts or the walk out t-shirt that is designed and worn.

At UFC 116 Shane Carwin was sponsored by Warrior International Clothing. Warrior designed his shorts for his fight against Brock Lesnar which in turn was one of the biggest fights in The UFC’s history. However, with what Shane Carwin tweeted today, looks like the company hasn’t paid their bills.



I asked for statement regarding this and Shane Carwin’s Manager Jason Genet said this:

“Warrior has not paid or responded to our emails.”

I put in several calls to Warrior International and emails and have failed to get a response. Warrior was recently sold to a new owner and the company goes under a new name called Trinity Products. Could this be the problem that is holding up Carwin getting paid from UFC 116? Including the sponsorship for the fight they also had Carwin do an appearance for the company the day after the fight. Now suddenly the company has gone into hiding of sorts with them not holding up their end of the deal.There have previous instances where fighters haven’t been paid before in other companies yet sponsorship is rarely discussed.

It is a behind the scenes situation with the fighter and the manager on who they would like to sponsor and what companies come forward to “pitch” their ideas. For Shane Carwin Jason Genet said there are many variables and some companies are monthly or Net 15. Net 15 means that the fighter would get paid every 15 days until the invoice is paid off.

I will continue to make every effort to continue to make a contact with Warrior Clothing and what their side of the story is. The real question now is do fighters have to make better connections now that some companies seem to “disappear” after going through with a sponsorship?

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