Bring The WEC To Chicago

In a relationship with AMP Energy The World Extreme Cagefighting company has issued a challenge to every MMA fan in their respective state. They have posted a voting process on their website ( is where you can vote. Currently Chicago is in 6th place trailing a few locations such as Nashville and Milwaukee.

The last time the WEC was in Chicago was in April of 2009. Local fighters Miguel Torres Jr and Eddie Wineland were on the fight card and they have said they want the WEC back in Chicago. The voting ends July 31st so there isn’t much time for Chicago to achieve that top spot.

Take some time to vote for the city of Chicago in bringing back the WEC. Voting is limited to 10 time a day and you need to register on the website in order for the votes to count.

Chicago people love MMA and there is no reason why Chicago can’t host another great WEC event. So vote early and vote often!

WEC Hometown Takedown

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