Fedor Is Defeated

“In MMA Expect the Unexpected”

That is the phrase that is going around the MMA world right now as Fedor Emelianenko was given his first loss in 10 years by Fabricio Werdum.  Fedor was given a huge nod from the Vegas odd line and this was definitely a shockwave given off tonight.

Fedor came out strong in this fight and landed some early punches on. He then proceeded to get Werdum down to the ground and continued to land strikes. With that being said Werdum used his ground game to his advantage as he tucked his legs over Fedor’s head and locked in a triangle choke. Fedor fought the choke for a few seconds and tried to land more punches inside of the choke. With that being said Fedor got his arm too deep inside of the choke and then Werdum locked in the arm bar for the victory.

Was this the most shocking moment of the year in MMA? Not many individuals gave Werdum the time of day to win this fight and this was an uncharacteristic mistake by Fedor. Fedor left his arm in there and Werdum’s BJJ took over. I don’t think many picked the ending of this fight and I’m sure Fedor will be looking back at this for a long time to come.

What do we see now that Werdum picked up this unsurprising win against Fedor? Earlier in the broadcast Overeem has said that he wanted the winner of this fight. Does Strikeforce go along with the plans of putting this matchup together or do they do something totally different? With Fedor’s first lost in 10 years what happens with him?

Fedor currently has one fight left on his Strikeforce contract and has discussed retiring before. After this fight in where he did make a mistake does this push him past the breaking point? After the fight was over Fedor stared blankly in his post fight interview and seemed to give off the feeling that he wasn’t sure on what he is going to do and that could mean bad news for Strikeforce.

Strikeforce has been using Fedor has a crutch in terms of promoting their company and telling fans to watch this man in the octagon. They used him for every selling tool they had and it seemed to be working. But with this loss what does the company do now that their main selling card dropped a fight? Strikeforce can finally go in a different direction in terms of promotional ideas and using other fighters in their selling aspects. The big decision is still there with using Fedor as the main spotlight candidate, will this loss affect the numbers and income for Strikeforce or will this make more casual MMA fans want to see what develops now that the man on the top of the totem pole has finally fell?

This was definitely an eye opening moment tonight and there are a lot of scenarios that can be played out. A lot of speculation can go on from here until Fedor’s and Werdum’s next fight but that’s why we are MMA fans. You have to expect the unexpected.

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