Dave Batista To Strikeforce?

Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley have all professional wrestled in the WWF/WWE and made the transition to MMA. So why can’t Dave Batista do it? Dave Batista was first reported by TMZ that he signed a 2 fight contract with the company Strikeforce. Below is the video if you haven’t seen it.

Later in the day MMAfighting’s correspondent Ariel Helwani got in touch with Director of Communications Mike Afromowitz. Afromowitz has said the company has not signed him to any type of deal and Batista was mistaken.

Both Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley have wrestled in high school or college and have that background to train a type of mixed martial arts. Batista has nothing but the “wrestling” you see on TV every week.This would be his downfall if it takes years to train for MMA. If for some reason Strikeforce does sign him a to a fight contract, it would be strictly a business decision.

Batista was a huge draw for the WWE when he was a part of the company in terms of bringing revenue in due to tickets and merchandise sales. He has had many T-Shirts that the WWE has put out as well along with a DVD and a book. I’m sure his name is also a big selling point for the Strikeforce.

Another interesting point to bring up is the big steroid issue that Batista was a part of in August 2007. According to ESPN he was a customer of Signature Pharmacy that wrote illegal prescriptions that included anabolic steroids. He did deny ever being a customer and said he was in compliance of the WWE Wellness Program at the time. However, the doubt is there and will Batista be willing to take steroid tests in any MMA sanctioned fight?

Did Batista jump the gun on the announcement and StrikeForce is covering the story up until they want to release it? Or is he just putting the story out there so the media can play run around with it? If Batista does sign with Strikeforce it will be interesting on who he fights and when and if he can handle 15 minutes in an octagon.

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