Jake Shields Interview

I had a chance to sit down with Jake Shields a few days ago and we talked a variety of topics. Below is what he had to say.

1. Jake you face Dan Henderson April 17th for the Middleweight Title. What are the strengths of Dan Henderson that you had to concentrate on
in preparing for this fight?
Dan’s a great wrestler and has heavy hands.  He’s well rounded and I have to be ready for anything.  But his weakest place is his jiu jitsu and that’s my strength.  This going to be a good fight.

2. After your fight against Hendo you are a free agent. What are your thoughts on that situation.
I’m not really looking past Dan.  After this fight I’ll weigh all of my options.

3. When you fought Mayhem Miller there was a lot of trash talking going on. Do you enjoy that and does that hype the matches even more?
It can hype a fight.  But I’m not really that much into trash talk, but if the other guy starts it I’ll go with it.

4. Out of your last 6 fights 5 of them have come with a submission ending. Has submissions always been part of your arsenal?

I started with wrestling, so I was into ground n pound at first. 2 of my last nine fights I won by TKO.   But early on,  I started doing submission grappling & jiu jitsu and found I loved it.

5. While the Ultimate Fighter 11 premiering soon, you were a grappling coach for Team Liddell. How easy or hard was the transition going from a fighter to a coach?
I’ve been teaching BJJ & MMA since Cesar Gracie gave me an affiliate to run in 2002, so it’s an easy transition.

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