WEC PPV Worth The Buy?

$44.99. Would you spend this money on a WEC PPV? World Extreme Cagefighting has been showing their PPV’s on the Versus channel (for mostly everybody except DirecTV). However WEC 48 will be shown only on PPV. Now the card is as follows with a few more bouts to be added:

Featherweight Championship

Jose Aldo Vs Urijah Faber

Lightweight Championship

Ben Henderson Vs Donald Cerrone

Featherweight Bout

Mike Brown Vs Manvel Gamburyan

The matches currently listed are going to be really enjoyable to watch and I’m sure WEC will add more to the card to boost up the PPV buys. But is $44.99 really worth the price? This is the first card that WEC is putting on PPV and is looking to gain more income and viewership.  I will probably buy the PPV but I don’t agree with the price.
This is the first time the WEC is going on PPV and I would start the price at 29.99 to get a lot more buys instead of charging the same price an UFC PPV costs.

Starting the price lower would gain more attraction from fans and then if the PPV does a great rating then they could raise the price down the road for future PPV’s. I just don’t see the positive of charging this much for the WEC PPV. It could be a starting point and the company can see if the price is a good reflection on how the PPV goes. They could adjust either way after the card and find a price that only makes money for the company but makes fans pleased as well.

Another interesting development that has been talked about is the rival company Strikeforce having their card on CBS the same night. The main event of the evening would be Fedor Vs Fabricio Werdum. This card would be shown on free TV and could have viewership through the roof.  If I had to choose I would DVR the WEC PPV, and watch the Strikeforce card on CBS. I am really looking forward to the Strikeforce card with Dan Henderson who would be making his debut in the company.

WEC is trying to move their company into the UFC “plan” but I don’t the price is quite right for the first card on PPV. Hopefully the WEC brings down the price if they do decide to go back on PPV again. If Strikeforce does move to April 23rd I could see a ratings war develop.

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