Chicago Not Getting A UFC Event This Year?

As the New Year began the news has been swirling on if or when Chicago would get another UFC PPV event. The first UFC even in Chicago was 2 years ago in October for UFC 90. The main event was Anderson Silva Versus Patrick Cote. The totals for the PPV were as follows:

Attendance: 15,359

Total Gate: $2,850,000

Buyrate: 300,000

First of all the event was not a sellout and the total buyrate was down from what other PPV’s usually draw (400,000). Chicago seemed to get the short end of the card as many injuries took place and many fighters had to be replaced on a “fill-in” basis.

The main-event was obviously a letdown to not only the fans but to everybody watching the event too. Silva had some very strange moments in the match such as offering Cote to get up from the mat. Either way UFC was disappointed and left an ugly taste in the months in the faithful MMA fans of Chicago.

That was 2 years ago and many thought Chicago would get another UFC Event at the Allstate Arena.  Yet the rumor mill is high on Chicago not getting another event and getting shut out for the second straight year. I know I’m not the only one that is angry but I think the UFC executives are looking at the recent StrikeForce sales.

The past even of Fedor Vs Rogers, in Hoffman Estates drew a nice viewership rating but failed to make an acceptable dent in ticket sales (in opinion of UFC reps). I was at the event and it was not sold out by any means. There were plenty of empty seats and I could not find the actual sales of tickets. But they weren’t what StrikeForce expected to be. It was sad to see that a good event was diminished by the lack of sales and looks like the result of no UFC this year.

Let me say this from multiple people that I have talked to when UFC PPV events do take place,the bars across Chicagoland and multiple homes they are packed. They are filled to the max and even though this doesn’t help the buys for UFC I don’t think they do enough research of how many fans really care about MMA. The UFC needs to look at these statistics and hopefully rework their schedule for next year and bring an event back to Chicago.

I know I want to see a good lineup of fights and UFC 90 was pretty disappointing. Many of said they want another Card in Chicago, but UFC is going to the route of Indianapolis this year. I don’t see the sales of Indianapolis, going through the roof and I think Chicago still can make money for UFC. UFC couldn’t help the injuries that occurred but I think they knew it wasn’t impressive.

So hopefully UFC looks at Chicago again and bring the Allstate Arena a good solid card that would sell-out and get the buys they are looking for. I know I would love to go to another event  and many others are itching to see MMA live and willing to pay a price to do that.  

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