The 12 A**holes of Christmas

On the 12th day before Christmas, my real life showed to me: • 10 Tailgate Drivers: I know you’re in a hurry to get to the mall or get home. We’re all in a hurry. But I’m already doing eight over the speed limit, so please, “JUST.STOP.IT.” Oh, and when we’re on an icy entrance... Read more »

Aunt Marion's pound cake is here. Even if she isn't.

Aunt Jo is always at my Thanksgiving table, with the best pumpkin pie. When my kids “ooh” and “aah” over the smooth gravy, I thank my Auntie Olwen for her secrets of Wondra flour, a quick whisk and just the right level of heat. Every Christmas, when I lift a spoon of my favorite “Pink... Read more »

Who Bullies a WWII Vet?

“What is WRONG with people?” I’m hearing those five little words all too often. One of my friends posted that yesterday after witnessing a bank customer snipe at the teller, “My money is more important than your job.” Another friend just told me that she saw a mom at the pool refuse to get out... Read more »

Dealing with Rude Parents at Your Kids' Sporting Events

“Some parents are so rude.” That’s my daughter’s friend, telling me how a grownup moved her bag, coat and towel from the bleachers at the swim meet. “She pushed off my stuff, and stole my spot,” the nine-year-old says, looking at me, probably wondering how I’ll respond on the topic of another adult’s behavior. “That’s... Read more »

What, Me Worry?

“Are you always afraid, or what?” This is the question my 12-year-old son posed, when I was wondering aloud whether to sign a permission slip for his older brother to go on a youth trip to Colorado this summer, because some of the activities sounded a bit dicey. “Yes,” I answered. “Pretty much.” It was... Read more »

For Crying Out Loud: Use Common Sense and Courtesy When Dining Out

For Crying Out Loud: Use Common Sense and Courtesy When Dining Out
When I first heard the ruckus this week about whether or not to bring babies to a fine restaurant, I thought back to the moment when I was on my hands and knees, trying (rather in vain) to pick up individual grains of rice on the floor of an Asian restaurant. My then-toddler had flung... Read more »

Winter driving tips for a-holes

That moment, when I saw the speeding car heading east start to turn, spin out of control and head directly toward me – directly, as in I could see the guy’s facial hair and “Oh, shit!” expression — I became a winter driving expert. Well, maybe not an expert, since I have a minivan with... Read more »

"Don't spit on the track." We need signs imploring common courtesy now?

It’s a sign of the times. The signs, I mean. We now need SIGNS to remind us of common courtesies, which must not be all that common anymore if they are no longer tacitly understood. My family and I were on vacation last summer in Massachusetts, when I noticed a printed sign tacked up on... Read more »

It's reunion time. What I'd tell my Love's Baby Soft-wearing self about what really matters.

It’s reunion season. You can feel it in the air, not just because it’s all autumnal and crisp, but because TJ Maxx is selling out of Spanx and guys are buying their first pair of new jeans in at least two years. Details of my 30-year reunion were just shared today, and while I lament... Read more »

The Problem with Mean Comments on Viral Posts

The Problem with Mean Comments on Viral Posts
Is it rude to tell someone face to face to “Go f*^&^ yourself!” or that they are stupid, based on their words and implied intentions? If you were in a small-talk conversation with a friendly stranger or even an acquaintance about a certain topic and disagreed, would you hurl vitriolic comments at them? I find... Read more »