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Idea Goulash: Why you should always support your random writing ideas

Idea Goulash: Why you should always support your random writing ideas
The story I wanted to run today was called, “I tried a restaurant without checking Yelp first.” It’s an adventurous journey about the time I looked across the street at Ms. T’s fried chicken restaurant in Lakeview East and thought, “Wow, that looks good,” and instead of immediately checking the online reviews, I simply went in... Read more »

Please, take this idea: Barber-Q

Some of my fondest memories are covered in BBQ sauce. Every Christmas growing up, we would hop in a car and make the long drive from Michigan to Kansas City. We’d walk through the door at Mombo and Poppo’s house, greet all of our aunts, uncles, cousins, then about five minutes later say, “Alright, so... Read more »

Please, Take this Idea: The Compound Shopper

December 26th is the most fascinating day of the year. It doesn’t receive a ton of hype with Christmas as its next door neighbor, but there’s still a lot going on and everyone experiences this day a little bit differently. There’s the guy who wakes up in his apartment, hears the neighbor below him banging on a... Read more »

Please, take this idea: The Supreme Court of Social Media

Facebook was a messy place to be during the 2016 Presidential Election. Almost every day I would see a post that started with, “I don’t normally talk about politics on here, but…” I’d read that first sentence and think, “Oh boy. Let the fireworks begin.” Within five minutes, there would be someone with the polar opposite... Read more »

Please, take this idea: Undercover Covers

I don’t think the Kindle has done as well as Amazon would have hoped. Now, to be fair, I base this claim off of no research whatsoever and no knowledge of the year-to-year Kindle sales. My claim doesn’t even qualify as an “educated guess,” it falls several levels below in the “guy with an opinion”... Read more »