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So, am I allowed to eat anything anymore? Guest Post by: Jon Oldham

When I was in college, I ate a lot of Club crackers and Oreos. My roommate at the time, Jon Oldham, was studying to be a dietitian and would say things like, “Carbs and sugar are the reason you have a perpetual stuffy nose.” And I thought his advice was crazy. Made no sense to... Read more »

Wait, expensive hospitals aren’t the best choice? Guest Post By: Dave Chase

The first Monday of every month, I’ll be running a new series here called “Medium Rare Healthcare.” The premise: Healthcare is incredibly confusing and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be and there are a lot of people out there working hard to turn things around. The goal of this series is to bring these experts in who provide... Read more »

Introducing Medium Rare Healthcare

Healthcare is incredibly complicated. And it’s weird, because I almost take comfort in the confusion. If my doctor says things I don’t understand, part of me thinks, “Alright, well, they should be smarter than me. The fact that I’m confused is probably a good thing.” But in that confusion comes a lot of wasted money. For... Read more »