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Everything was fine until I sat on the picture frame

I’ve wondered what it would feel like to be a baseball pitcher who’s sitting there in the dugout with eight perfect innings complete. What it’d be like to pick up your glove, jog out to the mound one last time, and know you are only three outs away from the highest achievement a pitcher can... Read more »

That time I didn't recognize Ernie Banks at a pizza place

I never saw Cubs legend Ernie Banks play a game of baseball, but I did see him eat a slice of pizza. In the winter of 2014, a year before Ernie Banks passed away and two years before Chicago was flying the ultimate W, there he was sitting peacefully in Bongiorno’s Pizzeria downtown, pizza slice on his plate, flying... Read more »

Forgive me, baseball, for I have wandered

Dear Baseball, Look. I know it’s hard to trust me again. You’ve been hearing me tell anyone who will listen that baseball is the second best sport, that’s right, I said it, above football, above hockey and only a little behind basketball. I know you hear this and still keep me at arm’s length. I... Read more »