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Fast Food Avengers: The Chicken Wars (Part 1)

Fast Food Avengers: The Chicken Wars (Part 1)
To understand the current fried chicken sandwich battle (also known as “The Chicken Wars”), one must go deeper into history and study the origin story of our iconic fast-food restaurants. Like a greasy version of The Iliad, this epic poem sets “the table,” so to speak, for the fast-food universe. This, my friends, is how... Read more »

Blogapalooz-Hour: Love letter to Burger King's original chicken sandwich

Hey – good evening! I’m diving back into the Blogapalooz-Hour waters this month and going with the topic of: “Write a love letter, but it can’t be to a person.” My first thought: well, it’s got to be about food. Second thought: yep, I know exactly who I’m writing this to. Dear Burger King Original... Read more »

Let's talk about the Burger King hot dog (part 1)

There is nothing more American than a hot dog. The hot dog sits atop the list ahead of formidable American icons like Bruce Springsteen, apple pie and Pokémon Go. Especially during the summer months. The hot dog was made for baseball games and grilling out in the backyard. A tailgate is not complete without a... Read more »

Burger King disrupting the chicken nugget market

Chicken nuggets have always played an important role in the O’Brien household. From age six to 13, I’m pretty sure this was all my brother ate. Middle school/high school I could throw down 20 nuggets easily, split a 50 if necessary. In college my friends and I had the ‘Nug Bug’ a late night impulse... Read more »