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The stomach steps into the spotlight

The human body has 78 or 79 organs depending on which Google result you choose to go with. But only five of them (brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver) are deemed vital. That has to be a discouraging feeling to be the stomach or the small intestine. The heart shows up in a Ferrari. The brain... Read more »

Direct Primary Care: Guest Post by Dr. Alex Lickerman, Founder and CEO of Imagine MD

I remember sitting in the waiting room for an annual physical. There were four or five people around me reading People Magazines from three years ago. The person behind the counter would answer a phone call, schedule a time with a patient, hang up, and then immediately the phone would ring again. The image I remember... Read more »

Cauliflower is having a moment

On the night the original food pyramid was revealed, Vegetables sat in the crowd assuming they would land the coveted bottom block. It was like the Oscars and they were the clear front runner. There was, seemingly, no real competition for “Healthiest Food.” But then it happened. The new food pyramid was displayed and the bottom block... Read more »

Reducing healthcare costs: Q&A with Brian Uhlig

Reducing healthcare costs: Q&A with Brian Uhlig
Have you ever been walking behind a parent and their kid and the kid is like four rounds into the “Why” game? Why did he miss the field goal? Well, because sometimes the end-of-game pressure.. Why? And the timeout right before adds to it… Why?  Eventually the parent breaks down and replies, “Because that’s Chicago sports, alright! Now let’s get some... Read more »

So, am I allowed to eat anything anymore? Guest Post by: Jon Oldham

When I was in college, I ate a lot of Club crackers and Oreos. My roommate at the time, Jon Oldham, was studying to be a dietitian and would say things like, “Carbs and sugar are the reason you have a perpetual stuffy nose.” And I thought his advice was crazy. Made no sense to... Read more »

Wait, expensive hospitals aren’t the best choice? Guest Post By: Dave Chase

The first Monday of every month, I’ll be running a new series here called “Medium Rare Healthcare.” The premise: Healthcare is incredibly confusing and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be and there are a lot of people out there working hard to turn things around. The goal of this series is to bring these experts in who provide... Read more »

Introducing Medium Rare Healthcare

Healthcare is incredibly complicated. And it’s weird, because I almost take comfort in the confusion. If my doctor says things I don’t understand, part of me thinks, “Alright, well, they should be smarter than me. The fact that I’m confused is probably a good thing.” But in that confusion comes a lot of wasted money. For... Read more »

Turn your New Year's Resolution into a nine inning baseball game

It’s December 31st, 2017. You just woke up from a revitalizing eight hours of sleep. You head to the kitchen counter where the coffee machine used to be. In its place is an expensive blender. You dump in the daily breakfast mix: spinach, kale, wood chips from the backyard. Coffee was one of the many... Read more »

When the Stomach Strikes Back

Freshman year of college my dorm was hit hard with the Norovirus. The experience for 48 hours was half zombie movie, half Biblical plague. Every 15 minutes I would hear a door open, rushed footsteps followed by the violent har-bar-baugh vomit noises coming from the bathroom.  Three doors down. Two doors down. Right next door. The virus... Read more »

Sometimes You Hop in the Car with a Stranger

Sometimes you have to break up with your dentist. Not because of anything they did or didn’t do, but because your health plan changes and naturally, well, you just kind of drift apart. It’s a situation that shouldn’t be stressful at all, but since I am the king of turning the simple into sizzles and... Read more »