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Toilet Bowl - Full book 

Meet the Godfreys - Book 1 of Toilet Bowl

Tour de Bathroom - Book 2 of Toilet Bowl

Too Old for the Buzz Cut by [O'Brien, Chris]

Too Old for the Buzz Cut (2017)

Follow one man's borderline epic journey to find one borderline simple haircut.

The main character has been getting buzz cuts since kindergarten and it's gotten to the point where his hair doesn't do anything else. It just grows straight up, like a human Chia pet.

But now, in his late 20's, it's getting harder and harder to find just a regular ol barbershop to do the cut. Places are either too fancy or too extreme.





How to Fix Professional Basketball - and college too (2016)

What if the NBA had 22 teams instead of 30? What if the age limit was 21 instead of 18? What if 40-year-old veterans could suit up for their college alma maters?

"How to Fix Professional Basketball (and college too)" begins by looking at the 2016 Golden State Warriors, the newest NBA Super Team, and asking the question, “Does the league have enough superstars to go around?” If not, maybe its time to make a few changes.



medium-rare-coverMedium Rare (2012) 

Medium Rare is the self-help book for those looking to make the wrong choice on a self-help book. My advice inside on relationships, treating acne, or why brothers should fight each other is not backed up by any scientific research.

The words are not meant to change your life, who said your life needed to be changed?