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Please, take this idea: Toothpaste for breakfast

“There’s an app for that.” These five little words completely changed the world of inventing things. Prior to the iPhone, inventions were a physical object, some sort of contraption that would change your every day life. After the iPhone, it seemed like every new invention was delivered in app form. As inventions became smaller, going from... Read more »

Cauliflower is having a moment

On the night the original food pyramid was revealed, Vegetables sat in the crowd assuming they would land the coveted bottom block. It was like the Oscars and they were the clear front runner. There was, seemingly, no real competition for “Healthiest Food.” But then it happened. The new food pyramid was displayed and the bottom block... Read more »

What happened to the good old fashioned sick day?

In the entire history of the world, there has never been a better era than right now to take a sick day. And yet here we are totally wasting it. The situation has become so bad that I’ve started to see articles titled, “Are sick days a thing of the past?” A thing of the past? The sick day... Read more »

Reducing healthcare costs: Q&A with Brian Uhlig

Reducing healthcare costs: Q&A with Brian Uhlig
Have you ever been walking behind a parent and their kid and the kid is like four rounds into the “Why” game? Why did he miss the field goal? Well, because sometimes the end-of-game pressure.. Why? And the timeout right before adds to it… Why?  Eventually the parent breaks down and replies, “Because that’s Chicago sports, alright! Now let’s get some... Read more »