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Please, take these ideas: Italy edition

For this edition of “Please, Take This Idea,” I was going to focus on one idea from the Italy vacation. But I quickly realized there wasn’t enough meat on that bone to fill up even half of a blog post. So today, special for Halloween, instead of one Medium Rare idea, you’re getting five.  And, honestly, these probably... Read more »

But maybe "living in the moment" is overrated (part 3)

I loved college. But I struggled a lot my freshman year. I love the show Friday Night Lights. But they did go a little off the rails in Season 2. And I loved high school, especially senior year when it felt like nothing could go wrong. But there was that three-day stomach bug after I consumed two chili... Read more »

But maybe "living in the moment" is overrated (part 2)

Every city is known for something. Here in Chicago, we’re the birthplace of the skyscraper and home to the coldest, strongest gusts of wind this side of Siberia. We’ve got the museums. We’ve got Wrigley Field. We’ve got my favorite tourist site of all: The Bean. Florence works the same way. “The Cradle of the Renaissance” lives... Read more »

But maybe "living in the moment" is overrated (part 1)

The museum was opening in forty-five minutes. It was day eight or nine of the trip and we were flat-out exhausted. It’s kind of a shameful list to write down because it’s a who’s who of first world travel problems. The core of our fatigue was really because we had seen too many sites. Too... Read more »

Relaxed people stress me out

I was standing in line at the rental car place. The line was only about 20 people deep, but each couple took 15 minutes once they got to the front desk. Ashley was outside standing by the suitcases. I was inside on a mission to stay calm. We had been in Italy for nine or... Read more »

Hitting your Happiness Deductible

There are good years. And there are bad years. Years when everything is going right. And years when you can’t catch a break.  Years when you confidently walk down the street playing air guitar belting out Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. And years when you mope along the sidewalk whispering the lyrics to One is the Loneliest Number.   What’s... Read more »

Here or There

Have you ever run into someone right after a vacation who didn’t realize you had ever left?  This happened to me the other day with a colleague I hadn’t seen in over a month. We dived into the standard Midwestern: “Hey, how are you? How have things been going?” but this time around my answer wasn’t the standard, “Good, good.” Instead,... Read more »