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Embarrassment is the emotional terrorist (part 3/finale)

Six or seven winters ago, sometime before I moved to Chicago, I was walking down the sidewalk and stumbled on a piece of black ice. The snow boots I was wearing were incredibly overrated; they looked tough, they looked like the kind of boots you would wear hiking through the Himalayas but, in reality, the traction was... Read more »

Embarrassment is the emotional terrorist (part 2)

At Hope College, we were required to take a Senior Seminar class in order to graduate. I chose one called “Pondering the Big Questions,” a class that explored topics like does God exist? And, if he does, how involved is he in everyday life? Our teacher was the main math professor and, rumor had it,... Read more »

Embarrassment is the emotional terrorist (part 1)

In second grade, I had my first Spanish class. We sang the alphabet together. There was a song for the names of colors. Everything had a song and I can remember those lyrics better now, 20 years later, than I can remember what I had for lunch yesterday. Unfortunately, that’s where I peaked. I didn’t accomplish much else... Read more »

July: Our most underrated sports month

When the NBA Finals end, sometime near the end of June, I have this anxious feeling sink into the pit of my stomach. With all due respect to baseball, I’m left feeling like I’m headed into a sports void. And it makes me wonder, “What am I going to do with myself?” It is in this moment... Read more »

We're opening a Fast Food Bookstore

I want to start out with three separate stories. One about me, one about a friend, and one about Charles Dickens. For the first one, let’s rewind back to May of 2017. My cousin, Becca, was getting married down in Austin, Texas. I was staying in a rented house with my wife, my mom, dad,... Read more »

Why a Wednesday 4th of July isn't all that bad

Why a Wednesday 4th of July isn't all that bad
I have sensed a reasonable amount of panic around this year’s 4th of July placement. For the first time since 2007, Independence Day and Hump Day are teaming up to try and destroy the chance at a long weekend. It’s creating the very realistic dilemma for millions of us who–after a day of drinking beer and eating... Read more »