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Applebee's, please take this idea

I’m a sucker for a good commercial jingle. I’ll stop what I’m doing when “The General” commercial starts just so I can hear that finale: For a great low rate you can get online, just go to The General and save some time! I’ll recite “Can I get a McPick $2?” at random points in the day and am... Read more »

Medium Rare turns 200: I need to change my fuel

I was running late for work. We had a 9 o’clock meeting and I hopped on the Divvy bike at about 8:50. My bike ride, at best, is 15 minutes long; and that’s if I’m channeling my inner Lance Armstrong. Even then, I’d still be showing up ten minutes late. As I was riding down Halsted,... Read more »

Celebrate before the signature

Don’t celebrate until it’s official. Until the ink has dried on the signature. Until the money has deposited into your account. There are so many phrases, so many pieces of advice, that belabor this idea to not celebrate too early. It has become so ingrained in us that we start acting really weird when good news... Read more »

What was the worst part of your trip?

I’m always fascinated to watch when somebody returns to the office after a long trip. And I’m not talking about a four-day weekend, I’m saying seven days minimum; preferably a 10-day or two-week escape. They walk in and immediately all of us become like a group of villagers running to the shore to welcome home Odysseus.... Read more »

Oh, I heard this was disappointing

Oreos and Chips Ahoy! have the most fascinating relationship in the entire grocery store. They’re not adversaries like Coke vs. Pepsi, but they’re not partners like peanut butter and jelly. They sit next to each other on the shelf cheering each other on, not once getting jealous of the other one’s success. When I grab... Read more »

Two lessons learned from a 36-hour car alarm

A couple of weeks ago, an SUV parked in my neighborhood and proceeded to torture all of us with a car alarm that went on and off for just about 36 hours. To read the full story, click here. I think you’ll enjoy it; that blog post is like if the movie Arrival happened in Chicago but the aliens... Read more »

The 36-hour car alarm

They arrived on May 20th in what appeared to be a metallic blue Honda Pilot. There was nothing significant about their arrival. There was no UFO. No breaking news alerts showing military tanks lined up around a spaceship, preparing to strike. Nope. Honestly, at first, none of us noticed anything different at all. People continued to walk... Read more »