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Please, take this idea - Public speaking on airplanes

I used to think that a new idea was the greatest thing in the world. Or that being labeled an “idea guy” was a crowning achievement, one of the highest honors you could receive in business or in life. But, over time, my view has changed. I’ve gone from being in a healthy relationship with new ideas to... Read more »

Big decisions are overrated (part 2)

Note – You can definitely hop in here, but I recommend starting with Part 1 to understand a few of the references. In a few months, I will be launching a Facebook page called “Real Life Newsfeed.” This page will share life as it really is rather than just the highlight reel of constant good... Read more »

Big decisions are overrated

Life is full of big decisions. But they don’t really start until age 17.  Prior to 17, most of life’s big decisions—i.e. where you’ll live, which sports teams to support, which brand of toothpaste you’ll remain loyal to for the rest of your life—are decided by your parents. There is also a giant head start shaping our... Read more »

What's your name again?

Have you ever been at a party where someone introduces themselves then literally like one nanosecond after they say their name, poof, it’s already gone? Nothing committed to memory, not even a first letter. For the rest of the night (maybe for the next five years) you’ll greet them as, “Hey man!” or “Hey buddy,... Read more »

The lost art of complaining

“Chris, he has to go out.” This is my least favorite sentence in the human language. It means that Crash has his nose at the door, he needs to go pee or poop. Conservative guess, this happens 2-3 times a night. And I’m never thrilled about it. Granted, in June or July it’s not so bad.... Read more »

Tell your mom I said hello

I was riding the Halsted bus, seated toward the back. The bus was completely crowded. Every seat occupied and there was a full line of people standing in the aisle. It was the kind of morning where you wish you were out on a bike… but it was April in Chicago, so it’s still 30 degrees outside.... Read more »

Subway, Facebook, and what we can learn from a meatball sub

It’s hard to start something new. To go to the yoga class and be the only guy sweating, sitting out elementary poses that everyone else seems to be handling with ease. To experience the ultimate vulnerability of sitting on a yoga mat, in happy baby pose, holding in a fart. It’s also hard to stick to... Read more »

Four frustrating words: I'm good with whatever

“Hey, so what are you thinking for dinner tonight?” It’s a simple question that we almost never answer with the name of a restaurant. Or even a style of food. Instead, the answer is some variation of this: “I’m good with whatever.” This non-committal answer drives me crazy. It volleys the ball back to the... Read more »