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Cop Land: Sylvester Stallone's lesser known shot at an Oscar

This has been a very weak “Month of Stallone” on the Medium Rare blog. My goal was to have posts on Rambo, Copland, Cobra, and Cliffhanger, but instead my only post was one about how I didn’t have any posts.  Then on February 19th, Sly Stallone showed up in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A... Read more »

Have you met my sister site: Medium Rare Basketball

New ideas are hard to explain. I forget where I read about this (and I’m only 90 percent sure I’m retelling it correctly) but back when the writers were presenting the concept of Lion King to Disney, they were met with confusion. A whole lot of headscratching and that look where eyebrows scrunch together and create a bunch... Read more »

John Rambo gave me writer's block

I have somehow managed to avoid writer’s block for almost three years. It’s something that I know exists, I’ve felt it before, and I fear it the way an athlete worries about tearing an ACL. The last time I had writer’s block was back in April of 2015. My solution at that time was to literally open... Read more »

Guilt is good

A week ago, we had a big snow in Chicago. The kind of snow where you bring out the winter boots and spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking you’ll get into cross country skiing. As expected, our car was absolutely covered. Every car on the street needed to be shoveled out. But here’s what it... Read more »

Three underrated lessons from high school sports

I was walking backward in front of a couple of hundred people. My teammate was shooting free throws, and I was getting ready to play the role of “slow guy,” aka the defender who is in charge of running the least amount during the full court press. For some reason, I don’t know if my... Read more »

Financial advice from the Philadelphia Eagles

I’m not sure which website it was, but the very first article I saw after the Super Bowl had the headline, “Is this the end of the Patriots as we know it?” I rolled my eyes, let out the same sigh I produce when Crash needs to pee at 3 in the morning, and I... Read more »