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I wouldn't bet against the XFL

It was an end of year banquet. The freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity teams all came together for awards and average spaghetti. One of the coaches stood up to talk about the freshmen team, and in his final remarks said, “I wouldn’t bet on this team.” All of the parents looked at each other. Wait, what... Read more »

Super Bowl week: State of the NFL address

I didn’t know what Blake Bortles looked like before the AFC Championship game. I can not confidently answer the question, “True or false: Nick Foles is the Eagles’ second-string quarterback.” And Case Keenum, isn’t that the legendary radio host? From one perspective, the conference championships should have been a vote of confidence for the future of the... Read more »

What meditation actually looks like

Every guy who can grow a beard shaves it off the same way. You start with the cheeks and the neck. Pitstop Number 1: The Goatee. You look in the mirror and ask, “Can I pull off the Walter White?” Most of us can’t. So it’s on to the next stop. Shave the chin, stop... Read more »

How does the Midwest sell us on winter?

Let’s say money is not an issue. And you could move anywhere in the country. Anywhere in the world. You could wake up every day in Italy or never see snow again down in the Bahamas. You could go to places where the temperature is just the temperature; there’s no “feels like negative 15.” Go to... Read more »

It's time for pre-made shopping carts

I walked into a Walmart Neighborhood Market and saw two shopping carts by the entrance. Both packed with groceries. When I looked closer, I saw there were the same items in each cart. Something strange was going on, and it felt like Guy Fieri might be involved. And then it made sense. One cart had... Read more »

Amazon vs. Kroger: The growing war for the grocery store

I have a favorite shopper in the grocery store. She pushes her cart with a purpose. No wasted movements. No time for chit-chat. She walks over to the milk cartons, picks one up, puts it in the cart. And then comes my favorite move. She pulls out a small sheet of paper, clicks the end... Read more »

I almost gave up on bookstores (part 2)

What do you do when you’re lost? I’m talking signal down, battery off, no access to Google Maps. For me, the first step is to take a deep breath. Slow things down. Tell the fast-paced panic button part of the brain to hold its horses. I was ready to try a different approach to the... Read more »

I almost gave up on bookstores (part 1)

You’ve heard the saying from It’s a Wonderful Life, “Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.” What you may not have heard is the far more depressing expression: Every time a bookstore closes its doors, the devil laughs and roars. I watched a bookstore down the street bleed to death. At first,... Read more »