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The next big thing: Exposed hands on a cold bike ride

There is a new trend, specifically in Silicon Valley, where people with a bunch of money and resources will deprive themselves of different forms of pleasure. Fancy steak dinners? Nah man, it’s all about “fasting.” Fancy clothes? Nah, the ultimate cool is actually how few outfits you own. Fancy car? Only if by “fancy” you... Read more »

Writing has a marketing problem

Writing used to be easy. Remember in kindergarten, the teacher would say, “Just write a story.” And you’d sit down with a crayon and let it flow. The story would end up being ridiculous; it would jump around from a kid walking down the street in sentence one to a dragon in outer space by sentence three. Words... Read more »

Kevin Durant vs. the worry trolls

When I was a sophomore in college, a couple of buddies and I had this idea of creating a fake Facebook account for a guy named “Buttscheeque Robinson” (pronounced: Buttcheek). It was this classic moment of kindergarten brand humor meets college life. We were going to create his Facebook page and find stock photos online... Read more »

Fear and worry in Las Vegas

I remember being so worried, so nervous about something that I threw up. Right there in Bay City, Michigan. I had felt nerves in my stomach before, but never anything like this. And the timing wasn’t great; I was starting my freshman year of high school in a week, and the whole thing left me wondering,... Read more »