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Man protests the NFL. His reason might surprise you

There was a Michigan town with a few hundred people With a bank, and a school, and a Catholic Church steeple Each week had a pattern in the months of the fall When Summer wrapped up, it was time for football   The high school revolved around Friday Night Lights In the parking lot, dads... Read more »

You say tomato, I say hey, give tomatoes another chance

I used to hate tomatoes. Actually, I’ll go a step further. I was the Tomato Nazi. Don’t dice them on my tacos. I don’t want to see any chunks in my chili. And, Subway guy, don’t even think about laying down a few of those slices on my bland turkey sandwich.* If the tomatoes didn’t... Read more »

Will Alexa and other AI's fall in love?

I am the third most responsible “being” in my house, and there are only two people living in my house. I’m the third smartest too. And, when it comes to answering random trivia, knowing the weather, or knowing what temperature to cook bacon at, my wife joins me in trailing behind our newest family member;... Read more »

Virginia Woolf kicked the crap out of me

College is back in session. And, because of the current political climate, here are five headlines I can almost guarantee will happen before Christmas: A speaker, most likely Milo Yiannopoulos or Ann Coulter*, will have their event canceled A student will circulate a pro-KKK flyer or email Student group organizes a petition to take down a Confederate statue... Read more »