Blogapalooz-Hour: Love letter to Burger King's original chicken sandwich

Hey – good evening! I’m diving back into the Blogapalooz-Hour waters this month and going with the topic of: “Write a love letter, but it can’t be to a person.”

My first thought: well, it’s got to be about food. Second thought: yep, I know exactly who I’m writing this to.

Dear Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich

Can we talk about the other night?

I know we’re in this game of chicken.* Neither one of us wants to be the first to call or text, neither one of us wants to talk about it. And I understand. It’s awkward. But let’s just put everything out on the table. Let’s air things out.

I can’t deny what you saw. You watched me come in, dodge eye contact with you, and order the newest/flashiest item on the menu. The new crispy chicken sandwich.

And I know it doesn’t help for me to make excuses here, but I really didn’t mean to hurt you. I just wanted to know where this new BK sandwich ranked next to the top dog at Chick-Fil-A or the second best option, the spicy chicken sandwich over at Wendy’s.

Well, that night my stomach was turning, and it had nothing to do with the sandwich. It was about you. And it hasn’t gone away since.

I pulled up your Facebook page and saw the photo of you from the kitchen. You look good! Looks like you’ve lost a little bit of weight? I mean, not to say you were heavier before, but. Dangit. Sorry. Um, oh yeah, then I saw that Throwback Thursday photo; the one of you from 1979, your first day on the menu.

And I got to thinking, what am I doing?

That other chicken sandwich, the new one, it’s been what, a few months on the menu? If that? What has it proven? You, on the other hand, you are an international icon. From the very beginning, you were, and still are, a visionary. The toasted hoagie bun. The sesame seeds. The long chicken patty. No other fast food restaurant has even come close with an imitation.

You are the Vince Carter* of the fast food world. The Richard Jefferson. The Andre Miller. Yeah, sure, there will be new 18-21-year-old basketball players who can run faster, jump higher, potentially have more potential, but you know what they don’t have? Experience. Grit. Wisdom. When I look at everything in the world of 2017, it’s all “what have you done for me lately” or “what’s your potential, what could this some day become.” I say screw that. I’m done with some day. Why keep betting on the unknown future when we have you, the quirky original chicken sandwich who’s seen five different decades.

Around since 1979! The ’79 NBA Champion Seattle Supersonics probably had a few bags of original chicken sandwiches waiting for them in the locker room next to the bottles of champagne. Hell, the Supersonics aren’t even a team any more. You’ve outlasted entire franchises. You’ve seen the Rams go to L.A., leave, return, and you’ll probably see them leave again.

Look, I’m not too far away from being 30-years-old. I really need to start asking myself am I going to spend the next 10-15 years trying to keep up with the trends, try to stay “hip,” try to tell people yeah, I listen to Chance the Rapper, or am I going to own my era; own the late ’90’s, a time of Chumbawamba, Jazz-Bulls, and, yeah, that’s right, Burger King original chicken sandwiches.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is this, my sweet original chicken sandwich, you were a big part of my past, I let you slip away in my present, but dammit–if you’ll take me back–well, I’d love to get things right with my future.

You are timeless. You never gave up on me. And I will never give up on you.

What do you say, shall we grab dinner tomorrow night?



Burnt Ends aka the fat that might be good with some BBQ sauce

*Game of Chicken – pun only somewhat intended

*Vince Carter – Shoutout to the Sacramento Kings for signing Vince and Zack Randolph. Look out for the Sacramento Kings marathon of a season preview coming soon to the podcast “Fast Break Lunch Break” available on the iTunes store or the Podcast app. You can find our first episode here.

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