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Blog runs too long? Turn it into an ebook

I don’t understand how the internet works. I don’t understand why bananas give me heartburn, but Buffalo wings do not. And I still don’t understand why it’s a struggle to get Crash to eat his dog food, but yet he will lunge for every stray piece of goose poop on the sidewalk. Sometimes it’s best... Read more »

Netflix, here's my plotline for Captain Ron 2

What would the Captain Ron sequel be about?  Here’s what I’m thinking. The movie starts with the same intro music, and we’ve got a shot of the Chicago skyline with sailboats out on the water (another reason to support this project, Captain Ron was secretly a Chicago film). We then see Ben Harvey, now 32-35 years old,... Read more »

Hey Netflix, can we get a Captain Ron 2?

I think Netflix runs the world. Definitely the world of at home entertainment. And, because of their massive success, I feel like Netflix is not even interested in making money anymore. I think of them as entering the Bill Gates Foundation phase of life; it’s no longer about the big house, or the garage full... Read more »

These teams again? How to solve the NBA's parity problem

Shortly after Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the second game in a row where the Golden State Warriors casually beat the Cleveland Cavaliers by about 20 points, my brother texted me an interesting question. It’s a question that I think defines the current state of the NBA. “Is there any player in the league... Read more »