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LeBron James and his annual trip to the NBA Finals

He had been here before. An elimination game on the road; 48 minutes separating another chance at a ring vs. another long summer. Another offseason of—forget the, “Is this the next MJ?” debate—at this point, it was, “Will this ‘King’ ever win a ring?” This particular time around, 2010, it was Game 6 in Boston.... Read more »

Practicing gratitude without getting weird about it

Gratitude is “in” right now. There are thousands of articles advocating for why you should sit down every day and write out ten things you are grateful for. Some studies point to the real neurological boosts we’ll receive if we tell the people around us why we are grateful for them. But has anyone ever... Read more »

Literary Agents aren't dead, so here's what I'm gonna do

Because I’m still young and dumb, I’ll sometimes make young and dumb decisions at my job. Granted, these decisions are bold moves, and they haven’t blown up in my face (yet), but when I look back on my list, I feel kind of ashamed; like seeing an old Facebook post that I thought was a... Read more »

Literary agents aren't dead: Shark Tank for books

The publishing landscape is rapidly changing. In the past, any aspiring author needed a publisher and landing a publisher almost always required a literary agent. This has changed with the rise of self-publishing, BUT it’s important to keep things in perspective. I’m writing this series (part one here) to give ideas to writers (including myself)... Read more »

Literary agents aren't dead

There is a current trend, specifically on LinkedIn, to pronounce certain careers dead. It’s getting to the point where no line of work seems safe anymore. The LinkedIn morticians have declared an end to everything from working a traditional sales jobs to being a lawyer. For example: Cold calling is dead Big Box Retailers: dead Gatekeepers:... Read more »